5 Fun Facts About Cats That You Don’t Know

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  1. 1. Most people agree that cats are mysterious animals. They are known for their independence and intelligence, which can be both a good and bad thing. There are times when their intelligence combined with curiosity may get them into a bit of mischief. If you want to know more about cats, these fun and interesting facts may blow your mind.
  2. 2. What You May Never Have Known About Cats: While the average human is pregnant for 40 weeks, a cat only remains pregnant for around 60-65 days. If the female is not spayed, she can have dozens of kittens every few months! Although they are commonly known for the meow noise that they tend to make, cats can produce over 50 sounds. Just like humans, some are noisier than others. Unlike dogs, they do not need as much attention and typically have less energy. In fact, they can sleep for around 18 hours each day. Some of the most common breeds found in the United States include American Shorthair, Persian, and Siamese. There are cafes in Japan where people can come to enjoy a cup of tea while watching cats roam around freely inside the building all day. It is believed that these cat cafes can help people relax, especially if they are feeling stressed out.
  3. 3. Aside from these facts, there are plenty of other interesting things to learn about cats. They may not be such a mystery after all. If you want to learn more facts that you didnt already know about cat care in San Jose, have a look at this website www.evergreenvetclinic.com/cat-care