Dental Implants: the Long-Term Benefits

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<ul><li><p>Dental Implants: </p><p>the Long-Term </p><p>Benefits </p><p>Blue Sky Dentistry </p></li><li><p>Increasing numbers of patients with tooth loss are choosing dental implants as a </p><p>permanent tooth replacement. Dental implants are the only permanent way a </p><p>dentist can replace one or more lost teeth, and come with a number of long-</p><p>term benefits. </p><p>Unlike traditional dental bridgework or dentures, dental implants replace the </p><p>root portions of one or more missing natural teeth. They are placed directly in </p><p>contact with the jaw bone in a minor surgical procedure (which is available </p><p>under local anaesthetic or sedation at most dental practices) and form a strong, </p><p>natural-like bond with the bone, keeping it strong, dense, and healthy as well as </p><p>ensuring the new teeth stay secure. </p><p>Once the dental implants have merged with the jaw bone, permanent new teeth </p><p>are attached to abutments on top of the dental implants. These may be a single </p><p>crown, bridgework, or dentures. In some cases of full-arch/mouth rehabilitation </p><p>that is, when all the teeth in one or both jaws require replacement it is possible </p><p>to have Teeth in a Day treatment that means your dental implants and a </p><p>functional bridge are all placed on the same day this doesnt apply to every </p><p>case, and your dentist will discuss this option if appropriate during your initial </p><p>dental implants consultation appointment. </p></li><li><p>Even one lost natural tooth instantly puts extra strain on remaining teeth, as well </p><p>as risking them moving out of position into any gaps. Replacing the tooth with a </p><p>dental implant and crown or, in the case of a few teeth, some dental implants </p><p>and a bridge will ensure that healthy natural teeth stay that way, without any </p><p>additional strain. The new tooth/teeth will be made to match your natural teeth. </p><p>Maintaining the density of the jaw bone by providing continuous stimulation is </p><p>just one of the long-term benefits of treatment with dental implants. Another </p><p>key point is that the dietary restrictions imposed by traditional dentures are </p><p>avoided or alleviated, making it easier to maintain a nutritious and balanced </p><p>diet, as well as ensuring you can still enjoy social activities revolving around </p><p>food, such as Sunday lunch with the family or afternoon tea with friends. </p></li><li><p>Resources: </p><p> </p><p></p><p>conditions/specialist/jacobs/do-jawbones-actually-shrink.aspx </p><p></p><p>and-partial-dentures </p><p></p></li></ul>