[eBook] EHR Implementation: The Ultimate Guide to Change Management

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  • EHR ImplementationThe Ultimate Guide to Change Management

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    Table of Contents

    IntroductionHow to Prepare for Change Management Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader Prepare Your Practice



    ConclusionImplementation Kit




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    IntroductionIn the wild world of healthcare, change doesnt come in small doses. Instead, it comes in the form of new regulations and mandates that can be hard to keep up with. Its likely that your practice is facing the challenge of adopting a new EHR. Some practices get started with EHR implementation feeling excited about their new system, only to end up feeling like they are up a creek without a paddle. We think that one of the easiest ways to avoid that stranded feeling in your practice is to have an Office Manager that takes an active role in managing the change the EHR will bring.

    Think of the implementation process like a camping trip youre going to take with your staff. Someone needs to take on the responsibility of being the pack leader and getting everyone through the camping trip safely, and thats the Office Manager. Like camping, EHR implementation brings out mixed feelings. Some people love the adventure and see themselves becoming one with nature, some people loathe the idea and only picture themselves sleeping on dirt and swatting away bugs. The bottom line is this: some of your team members may find it exciting while others might fear it.


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    IntroductionThose who are afraid of change will be resistant at some point, so you need to be prepared for that resistance and have a plan to help alleviate it, just as you would on a camping trip. (Ex: Oh you hate bugs? Good thing I, the fearless Pack Leader, thought ahead and brought bug spray!) Anticipating change is what change management is all about!

    We want you to be a prepared Pack Leader, so weve put this eBook together to make change management a positive and memorable experience for your practice.

    Were going to cover:

    plus, were giving you an Implementation Kit!

    So strap on your hiking boots because were walking you through the steps of how to prepare your practice and yourself for change management!

    How to Prepare for Change Management How to Get Yourself Ready for EHR Implementation How to Get Your Practice Ready for the Change How to Maximize Training How to Go-Live Successfully


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    How to Prepare Your Practice for Change Management

    You wouldnt lead a bunch of adults on camping trip without a clear and detailed plan, right? The same goes for your EHR implementation process. Preparing your practice for a new EHR ahead of time can minimize the stress and costs that come with the process. With proper planning and training, youll be able to spend your time and effort in places that need the most attention and use the time you saved to focus on your patients.

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Lead


    - Lead the Project

    - Understand Change from Your

    Staffs Perspective

    - Understand Impact on Your Sta

    ffs Workflow

    - Communicate Vision and Bene


    Prepare Your Practice

    - Evaluate Staffs Computer Profi


    - Make Sure Everything Works

    Training- Dedicate Time

    to Training

    - Know Your Resources and Use T


    - Stay in Contact with the Trainin

    g Team

    - Track Training Progress





    X- Take It Slow- Communicate Regularly- Refer to Support Options- Expect HurdlesGo-Live


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    Weve broken the implementation process down into 4 phases to help you better manage the changes you should expect. Follow the map to get to your destination!

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader- Lead the Project- Understand Change from Your Staffs Perspective - Understand Impact on Your Staffs Workflow- Communicate Vision and Benefits

    Prepare Your Practice - Evaluate Staffs Computer Proficiency- Make Sure Everything Works

    Training- Dedicate Time to Training - Know Your Resources and Use Them- Stay in Contact with the Training Team- Track Training Progress





    X- Take It Slow- Communicate Regularly- Refer to Support Options- Expect HurdlesGo-Live


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    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader The first phase of the implementation process starts with you! Youre taking on the role of Pack Leader, so it is your responsibility to take care of your team and get them through the process with as few bumps, bruises, and bites as possible. In addition to helping everyone survive in the wilderness, its your job to get everyone on board with the changes. Its the best first step to making sure that the implementation process runs smoothly.

    Remember, your team needs a leader they can count on. Start by preparing yourself and understanding the responsibilities that come with overseeing the implementation process.

    To prepare yourself as the office manager, youll need to:

    Lead the Project Understand Change from Your Staffs Perspective Understand Impact on Your Staffs Workflow Communicate Vision and Benefits

    Being the pack leader is a lot to take on, but its a whole lot easier when you know what to expect.


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    All good pack leaders lead by example. That means you getting excited for the change that the new EHR will bring! If youre negative about the EHR implementation your team will be too. Keep it positive and remember that with the new EHR, youll be able to manage the practice better and see more patients, which can lead to improved patient care and more efficiencies in the way you do your daily tasks, just to name a few.

    Leading the EHR implementation process means staying involved every step of the way and overseeing the process from start to finish. Youll be doing everything from working with the EHR vendor, to coordinating staff training, to making sure that everyone is still following best practices after go-live.

    This means that your responsibilities include: scheduling and assigning individuals and teams to complete tasks, setting up meetings with the staff and EHR vendor, adjusting schedules to accommodate training sessions, and everything in between.

    Its a big task, but we know that you are up for it!

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader

    Lead the Project


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    This is a big one, possibly one of the most critical aspects of change management when it comes to EHR implementation. Unfortunately, its often one of the most overlooked too. Before you can get your staff on-board with the change that is coming their way, you have to really understand their perspective.

    Like planning a camping trip, you and some of the staff may be really excited while the rest of the team doesnt feel the same. You cant ease their fears and get them to embrace the adventure if you dont know how they feel. So try putting yourself in their shoes.

    Some common reasons for change resistance include:

    We explore these reasons further in the next page.

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader

    Understand Change from Your Staffs Perspective

    Fear of learning something new Not understanding the vision of the new process Seeing change as a top down appraoch Management failing to create and demonstrate benefits


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    Fear of learning something new: There might be fear of not being able to learn the new system fast enough, which can impact your staffs perceptions of their job stability.

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader

    Reasons for Change Resistance:

    Not understanding the vision of the new process: Your staff may think that the change is a management decision and they are being forced to learn something they did not have a say in.

    Seeing change as a top down approach: Because your staff wasnt involved in the buying process of the new system, they may feel like their opinion doesnt matter and no one considered the impact it would have on them.

    Management failing to create and demonstrate benefits: Learning a different way to complete the same task can seem like extra work, especially if your staff thinks that the old way of doing things is best. Your staff may not see the point of the hassle of learning something new.


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    Their concerns may result in negative attitudes and a lack of cooperation. And lets be honest, its crummy to feel like you or your opinions arent valued. Its your job to keep the team from regressing in to one big ol pity party, even if you feel that your staff isnt entitled to feel this way. Just acknowledge the fact that it could happen and have a plan to address the resistance.

    Show the team that change isnt necessarily a bad thing! They might be surprised to know that often times, the things they fear might not be as scary as they think!

    Talk to your staff to see how they feel about the change and be there to offer individual support if needed. Be the person that your staff can approach when they have questions.

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader


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    Its not enough to simply understand why your staff will be resistant to change. You need to have a good understanding of how the change is going to impact their workflow. Everyone will be impacted differently, depending on his or her role in the practice. So, do you know what everyone does? Do you understand their day-to-day tasks? If you give them advice, will they think that you are stepping in when you dont know their tasks as well as they do themselves?

    Youve got to have a real, credible understanding of what your team does and what impacts them on a daily basis. Start by thinking of your office in terms of the different areas of focus like front-office, exam lane, and back office. What are they doing now? How will their jobs change when the new EHR arrives?

    If you havent participated in every different aspect of the practice, take some time to spend time with them now. When you understand your staffs workflow, youll be better prepared to explain the benefits that theyll experience with the new system.

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader

    Understand Impact on Your Staffs Workflow


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    Once you really understand your staffs perspective, and how the new EHR will impact their daily tasks, its time to address their concerns. Help them see that even though this EHR adventure may have some rough terrain, its going to be rewarding in the end. If they have a specific concern, counter it with concrete benefits and aspects in which their work-life will improve, if they hunker down and embrace the process!

    You dont want your team to just go through the motions, and you dont want them to feel like there is no end in sight. Mitigate that by keeping them excited along the way. Everyone feels better about doing something if they see it as a team effort and if they understand that they are in this together. Communication is key to ensuring that your staffs concerns are addressed and it is important that everybody shares the same vision.

    Dont simply start leading the project and telling your staff what to do. You need to keep your staff informed. Let them know that everyone is valuable to the team effort and everybody will play a role in the implementation process and use of the EHR system.

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader

    Communicate the Vision and Benefits


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    Prepare Your PracticeOnce youre prepared to lead the project, its time to get your practice in fighting shape. You wouldnt start camping without making sure that everyone has what they need and knows the plans, so dont venture into EHR implementation that way.

    Do you know everyones strengths and weaknesses? Do you have a timeline? Do you know whats going to happen throughout the implementation process? You need to get answers to all of these questions in order to really prepare your practice.

    So just like how youd prepare for your camping trip, youll need to get your practice in shape by:

    Evaluating your staffs computer proficiency Knowing the implementation plan


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    How proficient is your staff with using technology? Are they afraid of it or do they embrace it? EHRs are a major introduction of technology, so know what their computer-threshold looks like. Your most tech-savvy team members are like the experienced campers. They will know how to pitch a tent and use a compass. Those that arent as savvy will need more instruction. It doesnt mean they cant do it, it just means they need a Pack Leader who is patient and will show them the way.

    But, if your practice is moving from another system, is your staff only useing it to complete a task a certain way? How adaptable are they to different platforms? Most importantly, can they think critically about how to interact with a different system? Some of your staff might need a refresher course on their basic computer skills to get them prepared.

    Find out if anyone is uncomfortable using the computer and get them up-to-speed with basic computer training, either through resources online, or a community college if your practice has the budget for it.

    Prepare Your Practice

    Evaluate Staffs Computer Proficiency


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    Youll need a solid plan that you and your staff can follow throughout the implementation process. Think of it as creating a camping environment with an agenda. When everyone knows what they can expect and when, they can be better participants in the process.

    Communicate your expectations to your vendor of when you would like the system to be available and work with them to come up with a timeline and a go-live date. Also, make sure that you know what tasks you and your vendor are responsible for. Many EHR implementations get delayed because the practice is slow to provide information to their vendor. You dont want to be the one holding things up!

    Get answers to the following questions to help build a timeline:

    Prepare Your Practice

    Know the Implementation Plan

    When can you and your staff start training? How long will training take? When will the system be complete with your special feature

    requests, integrations, and data migrations? Is there anything you need to submit to your EHR vendor to

    move the process along?


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    TrainingOnce youve assessed your team and prepared them with basic skills, and youve got a solid grasp on the implementation plan, its time to venture out into training! Lets go back to that familiar camping analogy for a minute. You need everyone to not only know what they need to do when, but also how to do the things that they are assigned. So it goes without saying that youll need to learn how to use the system before you can go-live.

    It can be frustrating for your staff if they are having a hard time learning the new system, and it might validate their fear of not being able to learn something new. There are many ways that change management can help you and your staff cope with training. All it takes it some dedication and your part as a manager to make sure that everyone is on track.

    Steps to ensure the success of the training process include:

    Dedicate time to training Know your resources and...