Digitizing African Education Impacting Positive Change

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Text of Digitizing African Education Impacting Positive Change

  • Digitizing African EducationImpacting Positive Change

    Presented by Karen Walstra, Karen Walstra Consulting

  • Digitizing African EducationImpacting Positive Change

    Karen WalstraTwitter @KarenWalstraKaren@KarenWalstraConsulting.co.za

  • 2030

  • Devices are only one aspect

  • Key Pillar to Successful e-Education

    VisionLong term


    Without the vision,There is Confusion


  • Not just drop and run!

    Be Informed Buy into The Vision

    Get Everyone on Board

  • Encouragingcritical & creativethinking

  • Know the focus - see the Vision

  • Key pillars of successful e-Education


    Without the Skills,There is Anxiety

    Key Pillar to Successful e-Education

  • Teacher is key to successUpskill, Build Capacity! Allow innovativeness!

  • Builds confidenceRemoves fearDemonstrates benefits

    Skills DevelopmentAccelerates Adoption of digital education

  • Empowers LearnersCoding & Robotics Lego EV3




  • Prepare Learners for the Future

  • Key pillars of successful e-Education

    IncentivesHow does this benefit me?

    Without the Incentives,There is Gradual Change

    Key Pillar to Successful e-Education

  • 2. Automatically creates spreadsheet for responses

    3. Add-on used to mark work in seconds: Flubaroo

    1. Create a form - assessment, questionnaire, survey, etc.

    Saving Teachers Time, using auto-marking

    Incentive: saves time

  • Instant Response

    Creates automated graphs of responses to form

    Incentive - know learners


  • True Personalised Learning

    2. Creates automated overview of class results

    1. Import results from any assessment

    3. Creates automated individual results for each learner

    Incentive - know how learners are

    progressing: class and individuals

  • Google confidential | Do not distribute

    Analyse Data - Personalised Learning

  • Project EverestCampaign City Ideas

    Project EverestCampaign City Ideas

    True Collaboration - Building Teamwork Skills

  • Improved Learner Engagement

  • Key pillars of successful e-Education

    ResourcesDo I have

    what I need?

    Does it impact me positively?

    Without Resources,There is Frustration

    Key Pillar to Successful e-Education

  • Resources must just work,so tasks can be completed and

    effective learning can take place


  • Integration with Curriculum, Pedagogies, Activities

    Substituting Modifying or Redefining

    Docs for notes

    Flipped Classroom: Teachers can share worksheets using Docs before

    class.Learners can collaborate in real time.

    Calendar for meetings or events

    Time Management: Learners can use Calendar to track assignments;

    Teachers can use it for timetabling

    Sites for class pageProject-Based Learning:

    Learners can use Docs, Sites, and Groups to create and manage projects or show learning outcomes.

  • Learners are creators of content - anytime, anywhere

  • Key pillars of successful e-Education

    Action Plan

    Way forward

    Without the Action Plan,There are False Starts

    Key Pillar to Successful e-Education

  • Key Pillars to Successful e-Education

    TheVision Skills Incentives Resources

    Action Plan

    With all Pillars in placeCHANGE occurs

  • Are there benefits to going Digital?

  • Improved Learner Engagement

    Cloud based learning benefitted Learners: Learn application awareness and skill-set Learn subject content on demand Build collaboration skills Improve research ability and the thinking skill-set that

    research requires. Build self-esteem and self-confidence. Become better communicators

    Learners who are not exposed to technology at home benefit by

    Have access at school Learn device responsibility and awareness

  • Educator Benefits Instant shared communication with

    each other, learners and even parents. Easier feedback, repetitions,

    consolidation. Easier creation of notes Easier dissemination of theory Easier monitoring of practice, because

    its paperless and cloud-based. Easier testing, Self-marking tests Faster feedback and relearning Resubmission. No losing of assignments. Portable, Organised, Stored. Can Check on handing in on a sports

    field, waiting for a match to end,

  • Benefits to School G Suite for Education More secure than local server Saves time Saves paper Different medium (digital) Save on textbook costs Save time in managing logistics of

    textbooks Improves learner concentration

    Increases opportunities to incentivises learners

    Improves learner motivation Better effort from learners, as a whole

    - therefore better results

  • 20th century 21st century

    information, skills, & knowledge



    Why change the way we teach?


    information, skills, & knowledge


  • Top Skills Currently Needed in the Workplace

    Problem SolvingTeam-workingCommunicationsCritical ThinkingCreativityLiteracy

    Digital Literacy


    Foreign Language

    Emotional Intel.







  • Analyzing and making sense of information

    Therefore we should encourage creative thinking

  • Google confidential | Do not distribute


    60% of learners will work in jobs

    that do not yet exist

  • Jobs that didnt exist 10 years ago

    Driverless Car Engineer App Developer

    Cloud Computing S


    Drone Operator

    Content Creator

    Millennial Generational Expert



    Data Analyst

    Data Scientist


  • Elon Musk

    Do we encourage our learners to achieve these heights?


  • Technology can assist us to achieve great heights for each learner individually!

    Thank you!