Iran Startups - Building Bridges - Iranian Brain Gain 2014

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Short talk I prepared for a panel on "Diaspora, Entrepreneurship – From brain drain to brain gain: What can be the role of Iranian diaspora in innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship in Iran?" I also added the video of my talk and the panel discussion at the end.

Text of Iran Startups - Building Bridges - Iranian Brain Gain 2014

  • Iran Startups Building Bridges from In- and Outside by Puja Abbassi Iranian Brain Gain 2014-05-07
  • Researcher & PhD Candidate - University of Cologne Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Diversity Cyber Security Supply Chain (& Food) Security Work in and advise startups since 2004 Organizer, Speaker, Startup Mentor: Puja Abbassi @puja108 Who am I
  • Iran Startup Ecosystem in 2 Years
  • More than 60% of the people are under 30 years old High proportion of technical educated young people High motivation and acceptance in society for entrepreneurs Internet penetration at 60%. Mobile penetration is 120%!! Internetspeed low, but imporivng. Mobile speeds even lower, but first 3G net is up. Online/Mobile Banking is getting possible. Often many sources of early-stage money from family and friends Lower risk Maybe thats why theres no angels? Iran State of the Union
  • Iran Startups State of the Union Highly motivated and growing scene - often up to 40% women. Highly active, motivated, and experienced leaders Many internationally renowned events like Startup Weekend, NEXT, FailCon, LeanStartupMachine, Seedstars, Own big events with intl. speakers like Iran Web and Mobile Conference Many opportunities still open Entrepreneurs motivated to do more Startup education still needs work Investors still rare and term sheets mainly in their favor (50% equity for a round is not unheard of)
  • Iran Web and Mobile Conference Biggest Conference on Iran Startups
  • Startup Weekend in Iran 2000 entrepreneurs 120 teams 15 events 9 cities 18 months
  • Iran Startups are Gaining Intl. Interest Startup Rising: Iran | PandoDaily | Christopher M. Schroeder The startup community in Iran is drawing a lot of inspiration from whats happening in the West. | L'Atelier - Paris | Roxanne Varza drawing-lot-inspiration-what-happening-west_429292 VC Firms Start Investing in Irans IT Market | Angle Chronicle | Mahboobeh Khorshidi market/454/ What Its Like Being a Business Traveler in Iran | Harvard Business Review| Christopher M. Schroeder traveler-in-iran/
  • What does the Ecosystem need (Inside) More Startups First big exits More entrepreneurs Education Events Seminars Accelerators Money Angels Accelerators Early-Stage Funds VCs International Publicity and Recognition Tech (AT) is the rst ian startup accelerator gram. It provide startups h seed funding, ofce space, ntorship and access to an ensive network of investors corporates.
  • What does the Ecosystem need from the Diaspora? Mentorship and guidance. IEA could help connect these two together. Adopt-A-Founder Program Mentors for first Accelerator (AvaTech) Be an ambassador of Iranian startups. Just spread the word and raise awareness. Articles, talks, interviews, panels, etc. See Roxanne, Daniel, Christopher, etc. Irans tech ecosystem struggles to catch up to Persian diaspora startups tech-ecosystem-struggles-catch-persian-diaspora-startups All RightsReserved - IEA 2013 Adopt&a&Founder ajoint initiative by IEA &AvaTech Monday, April 28, 14
  • Notable Iranian Entrepreneurs Roxanne Varza (@roxannevarza) startup lead @microsoft / @msftventures. cofounder @tech_eu @girlsintech_uk @gitparis & @failcon paris. ex techcrunch france editor @TCFR Shervin Pishevar (@shervin) GP @Sherpa, Advisor & Board Observer @Uber. Investor @Uber, @MachineZone, @WarbyParker, @Munchery, @Tumblr, @Fab. Co- Founder @Webs, SGN, WebOS. Crown Fellow 2014. Arash Ferdowsi (@arashf) Founder & CTO at Dropbox Salar Kamangar (CEO/SVP Youtube) Ali Jafari (@jafari) VP, Direct Sales Europe at Twitter
  • What Can You Do? Spread the Word! Get in Touch! Work together!
  • Recources from Iran StartupCast by Hadi Farnoud (English) Medium Collection (English) Iran Startups (@Startupir) Iran Entrepreneurship Association (Farsi) (@KaryaEdu)
  • Startup Ecosystem Leaders in Iran Mohsen Malayeri (@malayeri) Hamidreza Ahmadi (@hrahmadi8) Hadi Farnoud (@hadifarnoud) Shayan Shalileh (@shayanshalileh) Mobin Ranjbar (@MobinRanjbar)
  • What Can You Do? Spread the Word! Get in Touch! Work together!