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The 6-Keys toEffective PitchingOctober 6, 2016

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Pitching isAWESOME!

From the Gurus

Investor Guru #1Fabulous 14 Slides for PresentationsCompany Title Page: with the $Dollar Amount of the Round and your nameAgenda: presentation roadmap of what will be said (Speech 101)Financial Overview: top line revenues and expenses, 3 years outProduct: what is the business in simple termsMarket: what is the environment, and how big are the segmentsGo to Mkt Strategy (Customers): sales process, how many, how attracted, retainedRevenue Streams: who pays, how much and from where, annualizedCompetition: who and how threatening, what are differentiation factorsBarriers to Competitive Entry: how will other competitors be kept at bayUse of Proceeds/ Potential for Business: how will you spend, where will money take youGoals and Performance Objectives, Milestones: what are the target/success metricsManagement Team/Strategic Relationships: talent & experienceValuation: how do you come to the number & current investors Review: summary of what you said, same order, narrowed to 6 points

Investor Guru #20) Cover Slide1) Elevator Pitch Slide 2) Market Problem & Current Solutions3) Market Opportunity: Define Market, Size & Target Client 4) Your Solution (1-5 slides)5) Team (If really impressive, move after Elevator Pitch and lead with it)6) Board Members & Advisers (Optional, combine w/ team slide)7) Traction & Awards (Optional, if none yet) (1-3 slides)8) Market Fit / Competition (Optional, can be explained in slide 5 & 6)9) Competitive Advantages (Optional, can be explained in slides 5 & 6)10) Revenue Model: Key Revenue Streams & Business Model11) Expense Model: Key Expenses, Time Efforts & Strategy12) Financial Projections13) Exit Strategy (Optional)14) The Ask: Capital Raise & $ Uses15) Closing Slide: Questions? Contact Details10Various Deck Size Options & Content:5 Slide Deck: 1, combine 2 + 3, 4, 5, combine: 7 + 10 + 11 (Show LTV / CAC Multiple) + 12 + 14. 10 Slide Deck: Dont include optional slides15-30 Slide Deck: Slides 1-15 + addl slides: Your Solution (1-5), Traction (1-3), Explain: LTV vs. CAC


Investor Pitch ObjectiveTo create a conversation or meeting



Pitching isAWESOME!


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