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1. Child Custody Attorney at your Help - Justfamilylaw For a Child Custody Attorney, it is very important to realize that coming to the conclusion of splitting into parts is not easy for a family. It involves long months, and sometimes years, of consideration, and a strong will to make it work. But when nothing seems to work and walking down different lanes appears to be the best way out, not much can be done, besides seeking an external help. For estranged families like these, childcare is another burning issue to solve before proceeding with the divorce. In the law domain, there is a specific profile that deals with the decision of which parent would be granted the custody of the children, and it is termed as Child Custody Attorney. Estranged couples can now consult a child custody attorney who guides them through the thick and thin of this difficult phase. At Orange County, our attorneys understand that since you have come to them, you have made up your mind to walk different ways and wish to settle the potentially painful and terrible phase of taking the charge of the kids, or the single child, involved. The Orange County Child Custody Attorneys do the best they can to steer you across this phase unscathed, and make sure that you do not have to face any other preventable hassles during the difficult emotional phase. There are several situations when both the parties do not come to a satisfactory decision, and the judgment does not suit either of the splitting parties. In such cases, the attorneys can prove to be really instrumental. In Orange County, California, the courts final judgment can yet be altered if the concerned parties, or some mediator, can bring some other constraints to the notice of the judge in question. In this case, it is better to let a mediator take care of the further proceedings since it is not a laymans domain to deal with. Because Law is not a direct study in itself, and is composed of several technicalities, and so many little and seemingly unimportant factors can affect the final judgment largely, it is not just easier, but also wiser to hire a child custody attorney for being just that the learned mediator. Although there is nothing better than a family staying intact and members knitted tightly, there is absolutely no denial that a friend along the way in hard times is always a relief.