HR as a Business Partner Series: Designing Strategic Initiatives

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This is the deck for the Keynote I delivered as part of the Northern California Human Respources Association's "HR As A Business Partner" educational series.


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2. OBJECTIVES Examine Executive Motives Perform Cultural Assessment Prescribe Organizational Strategy 3. EXECUTIVE GOALS 1. Increase Shareholder Value 2. Maximize Resources 3. Fulfill Board of Directors Expectations 4. GAP ANALYSIS 1. Business Issue 2. Performance Initiative what performance initiative does the business issue create? 5. SOLUTION 1. Awareness (Communication) 2. Ability (Learning) 3. Willingness (Desire to Participate) 4. Performance (Tracking) 6. 3 TYPES OF RESULTS 1. Operational Results (Score Card) 2. Impact Results (Data) 3. Business Results (ROI) 7. Measurable Results Degree of Importance StrengthofEvidence Operational Impact Results Examples of Business Results Metrics Showing Causation Sales vs. control group Response rate in test Return on investment Examples of Program Impact Metrics Change in sales Participants at goal High test scores Participation rates Hit rates on website Examples of Operational Metrics Enrollment Redemption Rate Pieces Mailed 8. Cultural Assessment 9. How Do You Score? COMPANY Current Programs Core Values Departmental Directives Performance Development 10. Current Programs What Programs Work at Your Company? Employee Recognition Programs Incentive Programs Training Events Corporate Citizenship Other Benefits 11. Core Values in the Workplace Can your employees recite your core values? Are core values promoted in the workplace? Are core values part of the hiring process? Do core values have leverage in performance assessment? 12. Departmental Objectives What are the top objectives of any given department? Design performance initiatives around these objectives. 13. Performance Development How does your organization develop talent? Is there alignment between personal and organizational goals? How do we measure progress? 14. Current Programs Create Measurable initiatives! Communicate a Consistent program strategy! Produce Results! 15. Core Values in the Workplace Educate The Mission Use Core Values in the Hiring Process Measure Core Value Practices Eliminate Fluff Perception 16. Departmental Objectives Incent Business Critical Behaviors Recognize Special Contributions Level the Playing Field Create a Model for Measurement 17. Performance Development Set Clear Expectations Reward Progress Create New Challenges Define a Path for Advancement 18. Contact David J Kovacovich