Mike Underhill Chief Executive, Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) - speaking at Seismics and the City 2014

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Mike Underhill Chief Executive, Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) - speaking at Seismics and the City 2014. Building Innovation: Collaborative and innovative relevant to the rebuild of Greater Christchurch.


  • 1. Christchurch: A World Leading Sustainable Energy City Mike Underhill, March 2014 NABFROW

2. Coming ready or not rebuild is happening (1)Energy efficient building design will have long term impact over 80 years - the life of the building (2) Aspiration - sustainable energy city will have fundamental long term changes. We must do (1) ARE WE UP FOR DOING (2)?? Two Christchurch Challenges 2 3. In conjunction with CAFE, a successful design advice service has been offered: 130 applications, 580,000 square metre of floor area 50% new office space Savings average $8.50 per square metre per annum 60-70% intend to implement Costs Typically less than $3 per square metre in a $4000 per square metre building Locks in gains over life of building Barriers If owner does not ask, developers are not offering. Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings 3 4. Wall and ceiling insulation currently offered Glazing, space heating, and air tightness - major opportunities A mass market Build Back Smarter being developed Multiparty approach needed to get this off the ground Policy and encouragement for low emission woodburners needs to be addressed Normally minimal incremental cost Innovative loan funding, or targeted rates, to reduce any capital barrier. Energy Efficient Homes 4 5. Existing NZ homes very inefficient One square metre hole Cold damp draughty homes equals unhealthy homes Benefits Health Well being Less school and work absenteeism Insulation and warmth in top 3 pre-purchase questions Why Do It 5 6. NZ Energy Use 6 7. NZ Greenhouse Gas Emissions 7 8. Goes well beyond simple energy efficiency Sustainability in energy, water, waste & air quality Low carbon is critical Transport is an important part of the mix A district energy scheme could provide visible leadership Strong civic leadership in rebuild Cities embracing these principles are attracting international young people who value quality lifestyle and often are entrepreneurial and creative. Becomes point of differentiation Aspirational sustainable city 8 9. The Benefits 9 10. Technology washing over all energy devices LEDs no maintenance streetlights Renewables low emission wood burners Ultimately PVs on every roof Transport- Electric vehicles, Renewable diesel Efficient vehicles Biking & public transport Thermal envelope design solar gain, heat recovery Behaviour change technology can help Wheres The Innovation 10 11. Already electricity 75% renewable Flat city perfect for evs and bikes and walking Efficient heating and low emission wood burners virtually eliminate carbon & particulates Rebuild provides unique opportunity to capture sustainability Pvs will become economic Leadership is needed Make the commitment Develop Christchurch sustainable energy city charter Establish a small Sustainable Energy City team to provide info and push Christchurch Can Do This 11 12. Now is the time to set the type of city that our grandchildren and great grandchildren will inherit .and be proud of 12 13. Ask the community what their sustainable energy vision for Christchurch would be Make the commitment Develop a Christchurch Sustainable Energy City Charter Fund and establish a Sustainable Energy City team Implement an action plan of priority projects What Next? 13 14. A more prosperous, competitive and resilient economy that retains and builds wealth in the region. Warmer, drier and more energy efficient homes - meaning healthier and happier citizens. Reducing transport energy greenhouse gas emissions, less economic drain and cleaner air Put Christchurch on the world map as a leader in urban energy systems and be able to show how it was achieved whilst recovering from a disaster. The world is looking for energy leadership and examples of getting it right. The Benefits 14 15. We are making progress, but not transforming Christchurch into a Sustainable Energy City Commercial Buildings Tools & Advice District Energy Home Insulation Partnerships Build Back Smarter Pilot Breathe Inner City Living Showcase Smarter Grid Study Progress so Far 15 NABERSNZ 6543 16. Efficiency could save us $2.4 billion of the $18 billion that we spend on energy each year Poor quality housing stock and associated health costs Transport is our biggest area of energy use, biggest source of energy-related carbon emissions, and peoples biggest energy cost. High carbon heat energy used in business and public facilities Foreign exchange risks - especially affecting fuel prices Energy affordability / fuel poverty NZ Energy Issues 16 17. Widely upgrading the thermal performance of homes Minimising energy use in businesses and commercial buildings Ensuring public facilities are built to a good energy efficient standard to the extent its economically efficient Developing efficient low-carbon transport systems active, public and electric Developing efficient and renewably fuelled energy systems eg district energy scheme A World Leading Sustainable Energy City would mean 17 18. EU Energy Cities - Covenant of Mayors Christchurch is already a member and has committed to a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (Sustainable Energy Strategy 2008-18) Bristol: 2015 EU Green Capital Doubling cycling every few years Domestic energy use reduced by 16% in 5 years Malmo: Goal to run city all on renewable energy by 2030 Transforming from declining industrial city Vancouver: 2013 World Green Building Council Leadership Award Goal to be worlds greenest city by 2020 These cities are committed to sustainable energy. Join other world leading energy cities 18