Worst President

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  • WorstPresidentever

    First 100 days

  • The Raven did not warn us

  • My grandfathertold me about thekilling in the war

  • Not myPresident

  • The masterof hate

  • Even the New York Zoo Babianswhere angry when hespoke..

  • I am veryProud and fromMEXICO

  • Are you aRasist Mr.President?

  • New surveyShows that.Mr. TrumpUsed theRascist card

  • How could soMany feamalVotes get in theTrump pockets?

  • No work for meOr my father

    But Mr. TrumpWill give us newpossibilitys

  • Alone .?

    Yes but never enterA RV when he isThere.. You knowHim

  • A shame for mycoutry i think

  • The picture doesnot look good

  • I have to tell you..

    He is a racist..person, and howhe treat people..I realy hate him..

  • Soon i will meetmy grandsonIn Mexico


  • I am not happy..

    My father told me..

    He voted for Trump

  • I feel sorry for


  • Why do TrumpThink my partsIs free to gr..

  • If you are looking for hateYou easy will find it

    Just listen to Trump

  • DarkerInUS

  • Moving yes to Canada

  • I am so luckyLiving in Rome

  • I do notLike theLanguageRecordedfromThe RV..Mr. Trump!!!

  • Use yourFeetsprotest

  • I amNot YourPetMrPresident

  • Why careAboutThe healthcare

  • Welcome toRussia leaveMelania atHome.

  • If you have to..

    Please do not miss your goal..In North Korea..

  • If you readSo far

    Are you stillA Proud fanOf him?

  • 45 000 tweetsWhy.?

  • The picture told by Trump

  • The reality

  • He was like a Pelikan

    I good fisherman of votes

  • He undermind the rumer Of America

  • Empty promisTo the coalminer

  • The climate will change

  • Forget itcareworkers!There will be no pot of gold for youe..

  • An almost Trumplike way!


  • Trust

  • After the Autum what next?

  • The ranking as theWorst president in USHistory could last 500 years

  • Did you realy vote for him?

  • How did you think..?

  • Was it like this..?

  • A TV star

  • In Holland Trump spellsWilders

  • Power of wind

  • 1,66 miljon US dollars Tulip Mania year 1632 in HollandAdmiral van Liken 2017 2021 Admiration of Trump

  • Did you realy vote for him???