Cross culture color symbolism

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Zacoo Tips: Cross-Cultural Color SymbolismGive careful consideration to different color symbolism across cultures (that is, of course, if you plan to sell your china beads wholesale jewelry across the globe!) Colors can convey different meanings as much as the written words. Here are a few samples of this cross-cultural color symbolism:Black it symbolizes death, as well as style and elegance in most Western nations. It also implies trust and high quality in China.Red expresses mourning for South Africans, but it signals good luck and fortune for the Chinese. It can also signify masculinity in some parts of Europe.Yellow -distinguishes a feminine character in the US and many countries, but it can convey mourning in MexicoPurple is a symbol of expense for most Asian nations, but it signifies mourning in Brazil. It also expresses freshness and good health n many Western nations.Green it signifies h-tech in Japan, but it is a forbidden color in Indonesia. It can also mean luck for Middle East nationsBlue it symbolizes immortality in IranPink it is the symbol of femininity in the US and most Asian nationsWhite it signifies mourning in Japan and other far eastern nations, but it also conveys purity and cleanliness in most Western nationsBrown it means disapproval for the NicaraguansSee more articles at


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