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1. The way I represented femaleson my contents page, again thisdoesnt conform to overtlysexual stereotype of urbanwomen.I did this because I think it isdisrespectful and degrading towomen as it portrays them in apassive and sexual way, asobjects of the male gaze. The main model looks friendly and happy which again subverts the stereotype of young black men, as he does not look dangerous or threatening. 2. From my research I saw a lot ofwomen being sexually objectified,photographed in skimpy outfits andprovocative poses.I did not conform to any of theseattributes within my media product as Ibelieve it to be degrading towardswomen. 3. Due to this I decided to use a male modelwho looks hard but not threatening,subverting the initial stereotype of youngblack urban males.Even though my model is standing in atough guy pose with a chain, baggy jeansand a cap. He does not look threatening orlook as if he is carrying a weapon which isthe stereotypical image of young blackurban male.I decided to objectify my male modelby making him pose with no shirt on,as often RnB starts pose withouttheir shirt.My model is exposing his abshowever not to the extent of Usherand Trey Songz in these VIBEcovers.I decided to do this as I felt it wouldbe more appropriate for my slightlyyounger target audience. 4. Purposely I wanted my male models too lookassertive and angry (just as they do in most RnBmedia magazines), which fits the stereotypicalimage of young black men but I ensured that theydid not look dangerous as I did want too categoriesyoung black men because they are not all thesame.