Memorial Cremation Keepsakes and Memory Lamps

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Memorial Cremation Keepsakes

Memorial Cremation KeepsakesUnique ways to preserve memories.

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What are Keepsakes?Keepsakes are items kept in memory of a loved one as a heartfelt tribute.

A cremation keepsake tea light candle with a small compartment in the base to store the ashes of a loved one. This is used as a tribute item which when lit emits a beautiful amber glow.

The butterfly pendant also has a small compartment for cremation ashes.

Items Pictured: RU870K- amber mission style keepsake holder


Why use keepsakes?Memorializing a loved oneSharing ashes with family membersPortabilityWearabilityDiscreetness

The History of Cremation Keepsakes

Where did it be begin?Before Cremation keepsakes and jewelry there was memorial jewelry. This can be traced back to the 15th century, but it wasnt until Queen Victoria reigned in the 16th century that keepsake jewelry began to evolve.

Why was memorial jewelry used?When her husband Prince Albert died, Queen Victoria spent the rest of her life memorializing him. She wore black clothing (widow weeds), custom designed black gemstone jewelry and a mourning ring as public display of her grief.

The Victorian Age is replete with relics of the age depicting women in varying stages of mourning by adorning themselves with similar pieces of jewelry and clothing that the queen wore. While this practice diminished after the queens death, the wish to remember a loved one lives on.

Modern Day Keepsakes

Artisan Heart Cremation Keepsake - Pearl

Purple Butterfly Cremation Keepsake Lamp

More than five centuries later, the importance of capturing the essence of a moment, a life or a pet has exploded in its importance.

Photographs, the written word, medals, a collar, sculptures, and men and womens cremation jewelry are prime examples of how we remember a person or pet who was close to us.

When planning or creating a memento for family or friends, simply look around your surroundings to find inspiration, particularly if you are in the process of pre-death planning.

If cremation is a choice, consider the various mementos and keepsake urns made to hold ashes or other small items such as a lock of hair or a loved ones favorite pen.

Examples of Memorial Keepsakes

Cremation JewelryWearable cremation jewelry, containing ashes or symbolizing something significant, is a popular way to commemorate someones memory

Cremation KeepsakesAnother known method is to distribute the ashes in a number of keepsake or mini-urns to give to family members.

Smaller cremation keepsakes, such as mini-urns and hearts, are used to split ashes between family members.

Memory LampsMemory lamps are a growing trend in the United States. Instead of the traditional sympathy gift of food or flowers many are finding that a small Memory Lamp offers a beautiful and long lasting gift. Some memory lamps even hold a little bit of cremation ash.

This butterfly lamp has a compartment for cremation ashes.A butterfly style memory lamp without a compartment for ashes.

MEMORY CHESTSA memory chest is ideal for keeping lasting, small treasures of a loved one such as diaries, favorite music and letters.Memory chests come in many sizes and constructed with a wide variety of materials.

Unique KeepsakesKeepsakes come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Though the mini-urns and heart shaped keepsakes are quite popular you can also find something as rare such as a hand carved hummingbird made of Tagua nuts. Or, a uniquely designed small brass ash holder or ceramic.

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