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  • 1. apan membership Can you benefit from a $20,000 Business Stimulus Package? As part of APANs first anniversary celebration, from June this year all who renew their membership, or join as a Member of APAN,,will go into the draw for a $20,000 Business Stimulus Package. Through the generous contribution of 10 companies the following products and services will be award to one lucky winner. APAN wishes to thank all our sponsors for their generosity and kind contributions and we encourage you to support them as they are all credible companies. Please take a few moments to check them out and make sure you are in the draw to win the full package valued at over 4CP Promotional Products & Graphic Design, Phone: 07 5442 3341, Fax: 07 5442 3451 Email: wayne@4cp.com.au Web: www.4cp.com.auGraphic DesignGiving a small thank you gift withyour logo and phone number is a 1to1 Beauty Therapy Trainingsimple yet effective way of keeping If you love training then you could put youryour contact details close at handskills to good use and be part of a through a useful item such as a purse mirror, nail file or a pen, just to Registered Training Organisations training program, by delivering name a few. You can also give your clients a second one to give to athe practical component of the training within your salon or clinic. friend and in that way encourage them to talk about you to someone else and instantly achieve a promotion. 1to1 is a privately owned Registered Training Organisation, promoting a system of Workplace training, whereby suitably qualified 4CP PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS & GRAPHIC DESIGN are Beauty therapists and Hairdressers have a facility to train their own marketing and promotional specialists. They offer a wide variety of staff or fee-for-service trainees. With more than 40 years experience promotional products at very low cost that include your logo andwithin the beauty industry 1to1 Beauty Therapy Training also contact details.specialises in the development of training and assessment tools for use by other RTOs. The lucky winner of our membership draw will win over 3,000 The lucky winner will receive a comprehensive staff audit and promotional and marketing items valued at $660 including DLassessment of their training needs valued at $5,000. flyers, stickers, magnets, pens, nail files and coasters designed with your contact details kindly donated by 4CP. Do you believe that your salon or clinic could benefit from improvingThese items can be immediately put to work to increase youryour skills and qualifications? Or perhaps you would like to partner customer loyalty and grow your business.with 1to1 Beauty Therapy Training to deliver on-the-job training. If so, please contact Jeannie Chapman, principal of 1to1 Beauty If you believe you would like to benefit from your own promotionalTherapy Training, by phoning 03 9886 7979 or email items please contact Wayne Knetter, 4CP Promotional Products &admin@beautytherapytraining.edu.au APJ 20

2. Vital Organic Rooibos tea forAfter 17 successful years of delivering timeless makeup enhancement solutions to thousands of Australian women through their uniqueantioxidant benefits with aFeature Focusing technique and their mineral-enriched qualityrefreshing taste product the company recently underwent its own extreme makeover. Providing your clients with a refreshing cup of Vital Organic Rooibos As a result Enhance Natural Compatibles has updated all of the herbal tea bursting with antioxidants will not only delight them, but isproducts and materials to reflect a more contemporary look and to also good for their health. Research shows that Rooibos tea is high inbetter reflect their values and what they stand for. Enhance antioxidants. Consumed daily, it can play a role in assisting in theencompasses all thats contemporary and embodies our philosophy prevention of the degenerative diseases associated with excessthat all we need is to enhance our natural beauty to maintain a look oxidation. Furthermore, it contains minerals such as potassium, thats timeless and youthful, Denise Richardson, founder and sodium, copper, magnesium and calcium, which support metabolicmanaging director of Enhance Natural Compatibles said. functions, and unlike other teas, does not adversely affect the absorption of iron. Used for decades in skincare for its antioxidantEnhance Natural Compatibles principles are based on style rather properties, it helps improve the symptoms of skin conditions like than fashion trends, promoting a long-lasting relationship between eczema and even herpes simplex. Rooibos tea is known to have athe brand and its loyal users. soothing effect on the central nervous system and is recommended for people suffering from headaches, insomnia, nervous strain orThe lucky winner will receive Enhance Natural Compatibles hypertension associated with stress. It also assists in improvingstock and training to the value of $1500. digestion, liver function and blood sugar regulation. If you would like information on Enhance Natural Compatibles The winner of the APAN membership campaign will receive recent product releases and updates phone 1800 636 077 or $300 worth of Organic Rooibos products from Vital Health03 9764 0966. Visit www.naturalcompatibles.com.au Foods Australia. Clinical Skincare, If you would like to introduce Vital Organic Rooibos tea to your Healthcare and clients phone Vital Health Foods Australia on 1300 131 686 or visit www.vitalhealthfoods.com.au Equipment (CSHE) for leading quality equipment and innovative skincareNutritional SupplementationNo salon today can achieve noteworthy results in their treatments without the use of advanced equipment technologies. One companyby BIO CONCEPTSthat is considered a leader in the aesthetic and medical aesthetic Nutritional support can make all the industry is CSHE. difference to the end result in your skin therapy and anti-ageing objectives. This is why introducing a Renowned for quality products and advanced training protocols and quality nutritional range that is backed by research and formulated to techniques, CSHE has contributed to the success of many salons and the highest therapeutic standards should be the product of choice. clinics throughout Australia with their cutting-edge, state-of-the-art equipment and advanced skincare formulations A Natural Bio Concepts is an Australian-owned company that has been Difference. CSHE also delivers government-ccredited training for formulating high-quality Practitioner-Only products for over 20 light-based therapies and laser and are constantly at the forefront of years. They ensure that only essential and synergistic ingredients go industry advancements and education. Known also for their charity into their nutritional formulations and utilise peer-reviewed scientific and generosity, they were quick to support our membership campaign literature and cutting-edge information to guarantee their products are through a generous contribution. of the highest quality.The founder of Bio Concepts, Henry Osiecki, has been an integral partTo the lucky winner CSHE will be giving equipment to the of the development and success of this company. Professionally value of $3,000. trained as a Biochemist, Dietitian and Nutritionist, Henrys philosophy was to integrate cutting-edge nutritional research intoIf you would like further information on CSHEs equipment and therapeutic products of maximal efficiency. Bio Concepts offer twoproducts phone 1800 638 999 www.clinicalskincare.com.au brands Orthoplex and Dr Veras Formulations.Indio Cosmeceuticals for The winner will receive nutraceutical products valued at excellent results and great profits$2,000.Every salon needs a good skincare range that will deliver results. Indio Cosmeceuticals offer a leading quality If you are a healthcare practitioner or work with a qualified healthcarecosmeticeutical product for salons with demanding clients who professional and would like more information on Orthoplex and Drexpect only the very best. The Indio comprehensive range provides Veras Formulations please contact Bio Concepts Ph: 1800 503 720skincare solutions for each and every skin type and condition. or visit www.bioconcepts.com.au Furthermore, Indio takes care of the salon and business owner through great profit margins and incredible offers of gift with purchase forQuality Mineral-enriched the retail range.makeup Enhance byIndio also boasts to having started the Strictly No Internet Sales trendNatural Compatibleswithin the industry, protecting salons from losing sales to web-based There is nothing like a touch ofpurchases, and promoting awareness for the need for professional makeup to give that flawless final finish after a facial, and what better products to be sold only after correct consultation with a qualified skin product to deliver this than Enhance Natural Compatibles. professional. APJ 21 3. Highly committed to the growth and progress of the aesthetic industryTo view their beautiful uniforms or speak to Nella or Dene Indio as a company is dedicated to the continued development ofphone 08 9209 3299, email: sales@voreidesigns.com.au innovative quality products that are results-orientated, while offeringor visit.www.voreidesigns.com.au for furtherdetails. incredible business support to the salon and spa owners. Gain the competitive edgeThe lucky winner will receive a mini opening salon pack from through Nelson BeautyIndio Cosmeceuticals valued at $2,680. BusinessIf you are looking to grow your If you would like further information from Indio Cosmeceuticalsbusiness or just updating the way you operate, your brand or your phone 02 9669 6858 or visit www.indioskincare.comimage, the services of a competent business coach will allow you togain not only expert advice, but also well-needed objectivity.Upgrade your skills inAdvanced Skin Analysis by Caroline Nelson is one of Australias leading business coaches whospecialises in th