Wedding Tips: Keep Kids at Your Wedding Entertained

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  • Wedding Tips-

    Keep Kids at your Wedding Entertained

  • No Kidding-Children Are Invited!

    Picture this-the champagne glasses were filled to

    the brim, the tinkling laughter of the ladies and the

    drone of the men in their cosy conversations

    seemed just the perfect preferred noise at any

    wedding party. Soon it would be time to boogie

    and eat the lavish spread so correctly tailored and

    designed for this dream wedding reception. Ah-

    everything was going as planned.

  • Now pan down to scene number two-harried

    mothers with nannies in tow, sniffling little girls in pig

    tails demanding to know why they couldnt find their

    mother, boys in pirate dresses running like unguided

    missiles across the lawn marauding the flower beds

    which you had tended to so lovingly, and the festive

    festoons all in a big pile of mess because the kids

    found them more suited to their play than as part of

    the dcor for the party.

  • Do I even need to ask? -the ultimate challenge for

    every wedding is to carefully handle the invitees, and

    the question which is somewhat uncomfortable is

    whether to take on the responsibility of calling children

    to the wedding. When it comes to calling kids to the

    wedding, there are no hard or fast norms and rules - it

    is you who has to make the call on whether you want

    your most favorite people whose presence means lot

    to you, miss out on the celebration just because they

    have small children?

  • Here are few ways to keeps entertained in your Wedding -

    1. You can never go wrong with crafts. Set up a craft

    table. Stickers, Puzzles, Stamps!

    2. Treasure hunts and contests.

    3. Lawn games are another favorite. Piata?

    4. A magic show or a mad science show.

    5. Hire a petting zoo and you will not hear a scream.


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