5 ways to make your brand more memorable

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Whimsy and Wonder

I Think An Idea 1-888-240-0606info@ithinkanidea.com5 Ways to Make Your Brand More Memorable

Is there a right and wrong way to brand yourself (or a company)?

If you ask any marketing expert, the answer is yes. So how you build your branding strategy is crucial.

After all, its why some brands fail and others excel.

If youre currently attempting to make a name for yourself, then you need to ensure your branding is memorable. Heres how you can do just that.

Come up with a unique name. Generic names are the fastest way to make your brand forgettable. Think Google, Yahoo and SnapChat.

Remember, less is more when it comes to products and services. Being a Walmart or typical diner that offers pretty much everything, wont make you stand out. Delve into a niche.

When expanding, opt for beginning a new brand. Expanding your brand can spell trouble for your business if what youre offering is a little out-of-the-box.

Advertise what you do, not your products and services. In other words, sell the sizzle not the burger. Emphasize the benefits of what you offer, not the features.

Ask leads for reviews and ratings. Eighty-eight percent of consumers rely on them when deciding to purchase from a brand.

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