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<ul><li><p>PER SUA S I O N I S MY VO C AT I O N</p><p>DAW N W E AT H E R S B E E CO N T E N T S T R AT E G I S T</p><p>C O M M U N I C AT I O N T H AT M O T I VAT E S AC T I O NWhen I taught literature, I communicated to de-escalate conflict, motivate improved performance, and encourage better life choices. When I was a fundraiser, I communicated for the purpose of maintaining income and creating new donor relationships. Today, I use persuasive rhetoric and images to tell your business story and attract your target customers.</p><p>I M A K E I T PA I N L E S S F O R YO UWhen my clients say its easy and painless to work with me, I attribute their positive experience to my career path. I have continually studied and practiced effective communication my entire adult life. Encouraging my audiences to take a specific action, and making them glad to do so, has been my lifes work.</p><p>C A S E S T U DYGolden Chiropractic: Rebrand and Content StrategySince 2015: we have boosted sales, increased online customer engagement, increased awareness, and steadily grown market share </p><p>PROV EN PRO CES S</p><p>PRODUC T S SERV ICES</p><p>1 . I D E N T I F Y B U S I N E S S O B J E C T I V E S</p><p>2 . M A R K E T R E S E A R C H</p><p>3 . D E V E LO P CO N T E N T</p><p>4 . D E T E R M I N E M E T R I C S</p><p>5 . P R O M OT E CO N T E N T</p><p>6 . E VA LUAT E P E R FO R M A N C E</p><p>7. R E T U R N TO S T E P 1</p><p>B R A N D G U I D E D E V E L O PM E N T: Identify your unique place in the market. </p><p>B L O G C O N T E N T S T R AT E G Y: Create a perception of value and relevance. </p><p>E M A I L M A R K E T I N G C O N T E N T S T R AT E G Y: Create and maintain a relationship of value for you and your customer.</p><p>M A R K E T R E S E A R C H : Identify what your customers want and how to reach them.</p><p>C O R E M E S S AG E S T R AT E G Y: Inspire your target audience to take action. </p><p>W H I T E PA P E R A N D C A S E S T U DY D E V E L O PM E N T: Prove your solution, value, and relevance. </p><p>P I T C H A N D R E P O R T I N G D E C K S T R U C T U R E : Demonstrate and sell success.</p><p>R E S E A R C H</p><p>C O P Y W R I T I N G</p><p>C U S T O M G R A P H I C S</p><p>L A B O R S O U R C I N G</p><p>P R OJ E C T OV E R S I G H T</p><p>Dawn is superb when it comes to marketing and branding. She has a knack for visualizing the big picture and ensuring all the pieces line up to make things happen.</p><p>- R YA N D O U G L A S , O W N E R , P O T E N T W R I T I N G</p><p>We chose Dawn to help develop the label look and messaging we wanted for our brand because she understood our company mission and the market we were trying to reach right away. Dawn is also very easy to work with, enjoys seeing her clients succeed, and adds value to anything she is involved with.</p><p>- B R I A N P E T E R S O N , O W N E R , E A S T S I D E I N D U S T R I E S</p><p>29 new customers monthly on average56% monthly average increase in blog visits32% monthly average increase in referrals to website from Facebook</p><p>Read more case studies &gt;&gt;</p><p>A+</p><p>https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawnweathersbeehttps://twitter.com/dawnnwbhttp://www.slideshare.net/dawnweathersbeemailto:dawnweathersbee@gmail.comhttp://www.slideshare.net/dawnweathersbee/icon-persona</p></li></ul>