Engagement Strategies for the Holidays

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  • Engagement Strategies for Holiday

    Insights from Adjust and CleverTap, November 2017

  • Kara Dake

    VP Growth & Partnerships at CleverTap

    Almitra Karnick Head of Marketing at CleverTap


    Justin Feinman Team Lead Technical Account Management

  • Todays Agenda

    Top of the Funnel Engagement Strategies

    With Adjust.

    Post-Install Engagement Strategies

    With CleverTap.

    Tying it all Together with Re-Targeting & Re-


  • Mobile Outlook for Holiday

    used mobile devices for holiday shopping in 201676%

    of Americans

    Mobile apps specifically have an 81% abandonment rate, with more than $4 trillion in merchandise is left in shopping carts every year.

  • About Adjust

    Attribution Analytics App Store Insights

  • About Adjust

  • Everything in one place

    Behavioral Analytics User Engagement

    With CleverTap, you can manage

  • A complete solution for understanding what your users do in your App, then engaging with them on any marketing channel to move the metrics that matter to your business

    Track Segment Engage Measure

    What is CleverTap

  • Trusted by Big Brands

    4000 CUSTOMERS

    1 billion DEVICES REACHED



  • Rich User Profiles Track every user, logged-in or not

    Events Tracking and Trends Track user activity in real-time

    Funnels & Cohorts Find out user drop-offs View retention cohorts

    Pivots Compare data across multiple properties

    Flows View exactly how your users flow through your app

    Attribution Optimize your campaign spends across channels

    Uninstall Tracking Track and analyze app uninstalls

    Omni Channel Marketing Engage with push notifications, sms, emails, remarketing

    campaigns, trigger workflows and much more

    Understand and segment your users better

  • Engage and Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

    Personalize messages based on who they are, or what theyve done

    Push Notifications

    In-App Notifications

    Email Messages

    Web Notifications

    Browser Push notifications

    Facebook Remarketing

  • Top of the Funnel Engagement Strategies for Holiday

  • Mobile attribution gives you insights into your best performing channels

    - Track every channel

    - Know the source of every user

    Holiday specific behavioral uses cases:

    - Large increase in spend for e-commerce customers specifically around holidays

    - Large increase in device activation during Christmas for gaming companies

    Holiday Engagement Strategy Use Cases

  • - Very common during holiday season

    - Click-spamming trying to highjack organic users

    - Granularity of Adjust data

    - Optimization

    Best practices to reduce the Fraud potential:

    Check channels which are too good to be true

    Monitor traffic patterns

    Get granular

    Diversify your portfolio

    Mobile Ad Fraud

  • - Build the audiences you need and begin targeting them immediately and effectively

    - Segment users based on events, users, country, device, os etc.

    - Build exclusion list to avoid paying for existing users

    - Target and acquire new users without targeting existing ones

    - Ability to pass the list directly to your network

    Audience Builder

  • Compare last years traffic

    Analyze organic vs paid

    Look at the performance of the channels youve used in the past and look for trends

    Analyze the LTV of your users

    Work with your ad networks to ensure quality traffic (e.g. sub publishers)

    Best Practices for Holiday Engagement Strategy :

  • Post-Install Engagement & Retention Strategies for


  • Strategies to increase engagement and conversions for holiday

  • Use rich user profiles to find out more about the user



    Use funnels and pivots to track user flows and drop offs for your campaign


    Use live-user segments to segment the users based on past behavior or time the item is left in the cart (golden window of opportunity)


    Adapt your mobile push notifications to include location-specific information.


    Develop engagement campaigns by channel to meet your holiday customers where they are at


    Evaluate how marketing and product efforts are driving growth and KPIs

  • Push Notification

    45% of users opt in to receive push notifications.

    Send reminders to new users

    Target user drop offs

    Send booking reminder messages

    Re-engage lapsed users

    Make these messages timely, personalized and contextual

  • SMS

    Text message have 99% open rate

    SMS marketing has the highest click through rate (CTR) of hyperlinks (6.16%),

    Craft a strong value proposition and clear call-to-action

    Prominently position the SMS opt in message across your digital platform website, email, social media channels, and mobile websites



  • Use for Drip Marketing Welcome Campaigns, Achievements and badges, and cross-promotion cards.

    In-app messaging shows up for a limited amount of time (15 seconds), so you need to keep it short and sweet.


    Use the messaging to make your app feel dynamic and highlight new features and offerings

  • Email Marketing

    Average open rate for all industries was 21.73% and the average click-through

    rate was 3.57%.

    Boost loyalty

    Win people back

    Turn website visitors into customers

    Recover abandoned carts

    Personalize product recommendations

  • Tying it all Together with Re-Targeting & Re-Marketing

  • Figure out the channels which are bringing your quality users

    Answer the following questions:

    How much did a user spend when they came back

    into the app?

    Did the user just buy one particular product or did

    they buy multiple products?

    What was the overall cart or basket value?

    Use your event tracking for retargeting E.g. Level 2 completion after level 1 drop-off (Gaming)

    Diversification of channels

    Granularity of the data to spec out fraudulent data

    Retargeting & Re-Engagement

  • - Allows marketers to bring users to specific content within the app

    - Better user experience + Improves your conversion rates

    - Adjust supports deferred deeplinking

    User opens another app and is targeted by a

    personalized ad

    User clicks and is deep linked back to the app to

    complete a purchase

    Deferred deep links Direct users to content even if the app isnt installed at the time of click. The link will first redirect to the Apple or Google Play Store to download the app, and then take the user to the specific deferred content immediately after first launch.

    Deep links

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