Facebook Hacked, Protect Your Facebook Account

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Have you even been a victim of hacking? Hacking hurts, especially when your Fan page itself is hacked. A 7 Tips how to protect your Facebook page with your account.

Text of Facebook Hacked, Protect Your Facebook Account

  • 1. Your Page Hacked7 Tips to help prevent your Facebook from being Hacked!

2. HACKING HURTS, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOURFAN PAGE ITSELF IS HACKED.Its easier to hack into an admins account, than it isthe actual Facebook Fan page. Once youve hackedinto an admins account, you get access to theFacebook Fan Pages he or she admins! 3. How your account can be hacked?There are many different ways your Facebook account can be Hacked. The mostmalicious and damaging form of hacking occurs through phishing, or when a hackergains unauthorised access to an account after the user has clicked through to a fakeapp or link. Once the user has clicked through to the link or app the user will beredirected to a page that looks almost identical to that of Facebooks login screen. If theuser then enters in their username and password without identifying the page as a fake,the hacker will then have complete access to their account. The hacker is now able toutilise the users account to spread the infection further via their newly acquired friends. 4. 1If it looks suspicious, its probably isIf you dont like the look of a post, link or App, do not click on in it. Obvious right? Yet peoplecontinue to fall into the trap. Most malicious links or Apps will offer you something too good to betrue or use statements like Shocking, Embarrassing, Unbelievable or Check This Out in anattempt to draw users in to clicking through. If you are in any doubt as to the nature of any postsfrom a Friend do not click on it, there is no point risking being hacked for a cheap thrill. 5. 2Dont be a Friend whoreIts in our nature to want to make friends, but its also in our nature to want to compete with othersand to have more Facebook friends than what our real life friends have.Hackers, understanding that its in our nature and take advantage of a Facebook users eagernessto grow their Facebook friends list by sending out a countless number of fake friend requests.They hope to fool the user into accepting at least three of these fake requests.Why three you ask? Facebook has measures in place to allow users who lose or forget theirPassword and secret answer to recover there account with the help of three of their trustedfriends.To gain access to your account, all a hacker needs to do is pretend that they are you and that theyhave forgotten your account password and secret answer. Once they have been directed to theFacebook password recovery page they are able to, with the help of the three fake friends youhave previously approved, reset your accounts password. After a 24 hour freeze out periodfollowing the password reset, the hacker is able to have full access to your account.This method of hacking is especially concerning to businesses that may be operating a Facebookaccount for marketing purposes, as they are more likely to blindly accept Facebook Friendrequests in an attempt to increase their reach. This is one reason why businesses should only set-upFacebook fan pages and not personal profiles to promote a business. 6. 3Password is not an acceptable PasswordHaving a strong password will not prevent your Facebook from being hacked if you have fallenvictim to one of the many phishing swindles hackers attempt. It will however make it incrediblydifficult for hackers to gain direct access to your account through less extensive and moreprimitive hacking techniques. The most primitive technique is simply making a calculated guessof a person password. The users; name, their wife, boyfriend, sibling, pet, birthday or the wordpassword are examples of passwords hackers expect people to use, due to their easy toremember nature. 7. 4Always check the URLThe aim of phishing is to get the user to unknowingly share their Facebook login details with thehacker. The most common way hackers achieve this is, is by tricking the user into entering theirFacebook details into a fake Facebook login pageA clear indication of a fake login page is found within the URL of thepage. Although hackers can make exact copies of the actual loginpage, they are unable to use the same URL. 8. 5Dont grant permission to unknown orsuspicious ApplicationsOne of the most popular features within Facebook is Applications. To be able to use, or accessmost applications you are required to grant access to the application to use some of yourpersonal information and to promote the group via your wall. Most applications that ask for accessare trustworthy and genuinely need access to your information, but there are some Apps out therethat are designed specifically to exploit the access you give them. 9. 6Beware the Smart PhoneIt is becoming increasingly more popular for Facebook users to access their accounts via theirmobile phones, with many mobile phone service providers even offering free access to Facebookas part of their service. Although smart phones and free access makes it easier for users to checktheir Facebook accounts it may also be making it easier for hackers to hack their accounts. 10. 7Enable Secure BrowsingFinal tip, Facebook now allows its users to put their Facebook Profile in a type of safe mode.Putting your Facebook in to this safe mode means that the information that is transferred betweenyou and Facebook is now encrypted, meaning hackers are unable to easily intercept theinformation being sent and received. 11. PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNT BY CLICKING THIS LINKhttps://www.facebook.com/hackedIf you think your account was taken over by someone else, Facebook canhelp you secure it with the above link. This process can also help if youraccount or computer has been affected by a virus or malware.KISHORE KANKIPATIUX Designer, Digital Marketing Consultant