Franchise Lead Generation: Franchising Website + Leads

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  • Go Mini's Franchise Website Analysis

    Website AnalysisWhat can be done to increase the

    lead flow produced by the website?

    Website AudienceWho is visiting the Go Mini's

    franchising website? Is the site attracting the right people?

    Website PerformanceDoes the website have the right content and information to keep visitors on the site and convert

    them to leads?

  • Audience



    Returning VisitorNew Visitor Charlotte, NC (6.16%)Chapel Hill, NC (1.90%)

    Ashburn, VA (2.84%)

    New York, NY (4.27%)

    Evanston, IL (3.79%)

    Dallas, TX (2.37%)Waco, TX (3.79%)

    Los Angeles, CA (1.90%)

    Minneapolis, MN (1.43%)

    Phoenix, AZ (1.13%)

    Jacksonville, FL (0.75%)

    Tampa, FL (0.38%)

    71.14% 28.86%

  • Performance

    3.71 page views/session(Optimal performance is anything over 2.00.)

    2.59 avg. session duration(Goal for average session duration is >2:00.)

    45.14% bounce rate(Goal for bounce rate is

  • Performance

    Conversion RateThe ultimate indicator of website performance is the conversion rate. Conversion rate is the proportion of website visitors that convert to leads.



    Industry AverageGo Minis

  • Analysis

    By looking at the analytics, we can determine that the Go Mini's franchising website is performing at a high level. The statistics demonstrate that the site is easy to navigate and the content is relevant and engaging to the right audience.

    The website is effectively converting visitors to leads. All that is needed to increase lead flow is website traffic. There are multiple sources of traffic that should be considered including franchise portal advertising, AdWords campaigns and other forms of advertising.

  • Go Mini's Lead Generation Analysis

    Next StepsWhat is the plan to continue

    generating leads for Go Minis that convert into franchise sales?

    The ProcessWhat is the strategy for

    driving the right traffic to the go Minis website?

    ResultsIs the lead generation strategy

    working? How does the cost per lead compare to the cost of third

    party lead sources?

  • The Process

    High Converting Landing PageA landing page was created for the franchise sales

    PPC campaign based on the design and layout of the high converting Go Minis franchising website.

    To keep leads focused on the call-to-action, we stripped the navigation and kept the focus on the

    inquiry for and industry report.

    Prospects can also request and schedule a call. An automated email is sent to prospects as a follow up.

  • The Process

    PPCA Google Adwords campaign targeting people

    searching for a storage franchise is turned on each month, delivering relevant traffic to the landing page.

    The cost per lead is $34.

  • Results

    Lead Generation

    With a small monthly budget, 71 leads have converted on the campaign landing page. Two of the leads from the ad campaign are qualified and were in discussions with Go Minis. The last round of PPC ads generated 12 new leads which need to be attended to

    by Go Minis.

    Franchise $70/lead

    Franchise Direct $55/lead

    Franchise Direct $50/lead

    Go Minis $34/lead

  • Next Steps

    Drive More LeadsIncrease the PPC campaign budget to reach

    more prospects. Currently the campaign runs for 10 days a month. Adding budget will drive more leads to the landing page and into the Go Minis

    franchising funnel.

    Streamline Lead Management Process

    We recommend building out a process for managing franchise leads. 54 could create an automated

    system that aligns with the Go Minis franchise sales process. When should a prospect submit their

    financial information? What can be done to help qualify candidates before they take up the time of the

    Go Minis team?

    Maximize Lead GenerationMany franchise brands make the mistake of purging leads from their sales process after a short period of time. This is a waste of time, money and resources. Buying a franchise is a big decision and the buying cycle can be lengthy. We recommend developing a

    12 month plan to nurture leads. A prospect may be at the early stages of research when they fill out a lead

    form. We want to make sure that when they are ready to invest, Go Minis is there to reengage them.