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Marketing my Music Artists : Gambit By Bethany Gatsi

Marketing your music artist

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Page 1: Marketing your music artist

Marketing my Music Artists : GambitBy Bethany Gatsi

Page 2: Marketing your music artist

Genre of the Music Artist

In the music magazine survey I carried I found that rap/hip hop, indie/alternative and r&b/pop is the most popular genres amongst my target audience so I will base my genre on my findings.

I will vary the type of music within my music magazine to attract secondary audiences, but the magazine will be known for having the styles of music above.

Page 3: Marketing your music artist

Presentation of artist

‘Gambit’ will be two guys aged 18-21. My artist/band will take on a modern form of street chic. This is a massive trend within London and amongst my target audience. This will appeal to men as they are able to adapt the style easily and feel cool. Women of my target audience will find this attractive as it is very trendy in this moment of time. their style is important to the target audience as shown in the survey.

Page 4: Marketing your music artist

Values and Ideologies of ‘Gambit’

Both Jo and Joel are Christians. They believe that religion is a key part in their lives and influence in their music. As children they were baptised and confirmed.

They idolise ‘The Beatles’ and current artists like ‘Disclosure’ as they were able to change people’s views on life and cause controversy with their music, which is what they hope to do with their music.

Page 5: Marketing your music artist

Biography of artist

Names: Jo Darwin & Joel Smith

Band name: Gambit

Age: Jo: 18 & Joel: 21

Born: Jo: 1996 – England, London (Jo) & 1993 – England, London (Joel)

Signed label: Polydor Records

Favourite foods: Peanut butter and jam sandwiches (Jo) & Spaghetti and chocolate sauce (Joel)

Accomplishments: have 90,000,000 subscribers on YouTube

How did they meet: next door neighbours since a young age

How they became a signed group: formed as a two man band in 2010 when they were 13 and 16, posted YouTube videos of them doing covers of songs and performing their own songs. Were found in 2013, when they were 16-19, by Polydor Records; making them an extremely current group.