Top 3 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2014

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Are you concerned, worried or frustrated with your lack of sales this year? Are you searching for what works best now to get more visibility for your business, more leads and more new clients? Would you be open to discover today's proven ways to get more sales. If you answered yes, then this message is for you.


  • Top 3 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2014 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 1
  • 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 2
  • By now I hope youre already using social media as part of your marketing efforts. The question tody is where do you go from here? Can you get more from social media? How do you make it measureable? How do you use social media to drive real revenue for your business? 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 3
  • I want to share the history of social media and my experience with each new phase so all of you can learn how each change made my business adapt to continue to serve my clients as well as grow my own businesses. 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 4
  • "Most People learn from their own mistakes the fortunate learn from those of others So if you pay attention today you will learn the secrets from a serial entrepreneur and leave here with the knowledge that you can use to have a great 2014. 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 5
  • One of the lessons I learned from my Chinese colleagues is The teacher will come when the student is ready! 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 6
  • So how many of you are good students? Are you ready to learn? Then lets begin to open your minds!! 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 7
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  • I started using ARPANET to communicate with government clients 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 10
  • 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 11
  • With the web now email could be used by everyone 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 12
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  • Now let me tell my story and my results!! 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 20
  • I publish an electronic newsletter with 200,000 global subscribers developed using email 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 21
  • I developed my blog in 2008 and post several times a week 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 22
  • I added video content on Google , You Tube and My blog in 2013 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 23
  • I chose LinkedIn and LinkedIn Groups as my social media partner let me tell you why and show you how and the results 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 24
  • 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 25
  • Be honest. The last time you thought about LinkedIn was probably never or maybe when you were looking for a new job. Oh hey, Ive got this thing called a resume on LinkedIn, maybe itll help me out. As a social media manager, you can also leverage LinkedIn in a variety of ways that dont include looking for a new job. Ever thought about creating a LinkedIn company page for the brand youre managing? 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 26
  • LinkedIn is one of todays biggest social networks but its not exactly what you might call strictly social. LinkedIn provides a great deal of exposure to businesses and can help find new partners, business opportunities, or employees. Some might even call LinkedIn a social network for business as its used mainly for professional networking. As a social platform, LinkedIn incorporates many social aspects, but its main focus is the business world. As a result, many small business owners join LinkedIn. 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 27
  • In the social networking world, I believe that LinkedIn is the platform for professionals. With more than 259 million members across 200+ countries, LinkedIn is the place to be if you want to connect with peers and build your professional network. 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 28
  • I Leverage the power of LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups provided me the best LinkedIn online networking opportunities. This is where conversations start and relationships are developed. By posting my posts and answering other peoples post I get this title Top Contributor 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 29
  • 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 30 500+ Connections Group LION (LI Open Networkers) Top Contributor Advertising to affluent Chinese outbound tourists Top Contributor Band of Entrepreneurs Top Contributor Business Network Chicago (BNC) Top Contributor China Private Equity & Venture Capital Forum Top Contributor China Startup - Entrepreneurs Community Top Contributor Chinese Overseas Talent Pool (TOP Chinese) Top Contributor DealFlow Source Network | Small Business & Startup Deal Flow Top Contributor
  • 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 31 Entrepreneurs Top Contributor El Campero Top Contributor England Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs & Investors Top Contributor Entrepreneur Success Network Top Contributor Silicon Valley Chinese Talent Pool Top Contributor Silicon Valley NewTech Top Contributor Small Business Consortium of Chicago Small Business Network for startups and entrepreneurs Top Contributor Small Business Online Community Top Contributor
  • 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 32 TEC - The Entrepreneurs Club Top Contributor The G Point Top Contributor UW-Parkside SBDC Top Contributor Linked Local DuPage County Top Contributor Linked Local Naperville Top Contributor Advertising to affluent Chinese outbound tourists Top Contributor Greek professionals in Shipping, Maritime Management and logistics. Top Contributor Grow Illinois Manufacturing Top Contributor
  • 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 33 Dennis Smith Panama David Scougall Czech Republic James F. Scott Texas Pierre Fortin Canada Jim Carpenter Texas Raed Bawab Saudi Arabia Alberto Gonzalez Barranco Spain Bo Yang New York tarun malhotra India Jorge Petruzzella Argentina Ryan Smith UK Martin Sammer Austria Peter Curnow-Ford UK Fenglei Du California William Berger Chicago Amritraj Peshin India Melissa Kauck Chicago Eric Schick California Shiamala Paramasivam Canada Rebecca Brewer Ginn Kentucky Dan Lasse Chicago
  • 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 34 Silvia Giannelli Brazil Altynay Ali Kazakhstan Bethany Hearn Illinois Douglas Nanka-Bruce Ireland Haiyan Che Netherlands Yinghai Zhao Canada Andreas Felger Mnchen Germany Albert Jr Illinois Shelley Lewis Israel Ramesh Kini Kazakhstan Diego Schouten UK Stuart Burvill Australia Lynn Davidson UK Xiaoguang Xu China Paola Mecchia Italy Maria Elena Vitali Fitz Italy Abdelhamid BOUROUAHA Algeria Alessandro Bianchi Italy Sirajuddin Mohammed UK Ian Kaplan Israel
  • 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 35 Alexis Cerato Argentina Mark Larocca Chicago Michele Marco Aiello Italy Gabriel Gil Argentina Fabian Gambaro Argentina Ahmed Sami Kuwait Saiko Shiroto Japan Peter R. Riddoch United Arab Emirates Dr. Judith Wright Chicago Mendel Kurland Iowa Deepak Nakil India Sofia (de Sousa) Gouveia UK Aarthy Sekar India Sharon Gao China John Swain Canada Daniel Gieber California Brett Wolfson Florida Antonio Bianco Italy
  • 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 36 Lunch Who China Benjamin (BingLin) Taiwan Jasper Hu China Hugo Shen China Anson Zhao Lisle Il Barry Huang China James Wang China Igor Marangoni Italy Alan Munroe Canada Kent Isakson Washington Frederic Raposo China Jian SUN China James Feldkamp China Walter Zhang Jian British Virgin Islands Anson Shen China Per Besson China Fredrik Hacklin Massachusetts Epi Mabika UK Allen Wang Netherlands Erin Liu China Woosuk Jun China Jason Liu Washington D.C. Jason Kozikas Australia
  • Those were samples of the 516 new contacts I made in one week by people inviting me to LinkedIn? How many of you would like to achieve the same results?? 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 37
  • I was impressed by your background and thankful for your invitation to connect as I'm always looking for ways to develop new business relationships. If I can be of assistance to you or if you want to discuss how we might be able to work together please contact me. I publish a free on line business newsletter with over 200,000 global readers for entrepreneurs if you're interested? To subscribe, send a message with the subject left blank to 001-630-305-0005 I Blog http:// http 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 38
  • 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 39 From: JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 5:19 PM To: Subject: How are today Jerry I read your email, and i thank you for your interest to work with me. There are government projects available in the various sectors that i am awarding to potential contractors, you can bid for and i will endorse you. Send your details to my personal associate Nana Kwaku, i will inform him about you so you can talk to him and i can have the feed back. Best Regard Dramani Mahama President of Ghana
  • 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 40 Hi Jerry, I recently read your blog about having the right stuff to start a business. Very nice summary! Thanks for posting it. If you're willing, I'd like to connect with you and stay in touch. I'm developing a platform that matches investors and fund seekers based not only on their investment criteria, but also their shared social network connections. As I'm sure you know, the vast majority of investments happen when there is also a personal connection between the 2 sides. The site is called, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. It's still in beta stage, but functionally it works fine. I'm also looking for good blog content and perhaps we can cooperate to get your content out to an even wider audience that I'm sure can benefit from your insights. Would you be available to speak by Skype in the next few days, even briefly? Thanks in advance, and all the best, Ian Kaplan Israel
  • Tools you will need to accomplish similar results! A blog. A newsletter A Google+ account. A You Tube account. A LinkedIn account. Be a member of LinkedIn groups Great content. Your own Video content. Commitment. Great follow-up. Patience. 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 41
  • Before you jump on social media for your business, or even if you're currently using it but unsure of whether you're getting the most out of it, you have to sit down and ask yourself what the best social media platform isfor your business. Each social media platform has its own unique benefits, so it's important to understand the difference between the platforms and how each one will enhance your marketing efforts. 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 42
  • Step number one: Start by building a blog and post to it frequently. Unlike most websites that are static in nature blogs are constantly changing so they are dynamic. Place good content here that explains your business. Make sure your using the right keywords so you get higher rankings that your competitors. Add video as search engines love video. Always have the content of the video written below the video. Learn about Google+ , Google Hang Outs and You Tube as here is where your Blog postings can be forward to get you discovered. Always remember content is KING. 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 43
  • Step number two: Have a LinkedIn account. Invite your friends to join you on LinkedIn. Always thank them for accepting your invitation. Accept when your friends invite you and once again thank them for their invitation. Every day select five linked friends to send an email to asking them how you can help them. Then join several LinkedIn groups. Post in discussions information that members will find valuable. Contribute to the group by commenting on other member's posts. Start a discussion by asking a question. Always respond to members who comment on your discussion, Never post sales offers on discussions. Post these on promotions. 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 44
  • Step number three: Start a newsletter. Write about your company and its products/services. As each person subscribes send a thank you email. Post this on your blog. Always ask others to write for your news letter. Always provide a link to their site and ask them to do the same. Links will also get you ranked higher by search engines. 3/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell 45
  • Here is a test all of you can take or if you're a business consultant have your clients take: 463/25/2014 Jerry R. Mitchell
  • 1.Gather all your marketing content, print and electronic (make printouts) and place them on a conference table. Include brochures, newsletters, blog posts, reseller information, etc. 2.Ask yourself, "...