Top 10 Vietnamese mobile apps astonished the world

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1. H.In '. 7L . .='= 'L. ..: .ri: a.a. r:.. -_. : nr. -4: rltr-I~u-i: ii-i. -0-(El,rial ! frl4r.1!. 'J"L: i " // /,/'-2:ijgrrglgir fr: _'f: :.} grirjrif *'| ; it 3:,2. ll I. 1=i: .- . I.. 7.. '.I [Ifi:.- flI-Ii, i: I ii! .'lf. i.i'. ililFlappy Birdv First released by Dotgears in~ Downloaded by over million users worldwide.~ Collects per day in ad revenue. ~ Was removed from app stores in February 2014. - Flappy Bird clones became popular since then.E Released by Prime Circa in .e is a note taker for iPad with handwriting experience. - Hit over million downloads at r Overtook Evernote on graphic feature. is First released by Not A Basement in~ Creates photo collages on handset.~ Was listed in the App Store Best of 2012". iv Hit over million general users.- Hits over F - monthly active users. IITl. l CI I'llC;- Developed by Not A Basement in 7 l l .a Free manga reader app available on both Android and lOS. r Reached over million downloads.v Has stayed on top of the App Store's chart for weeks. Money Lover- Developed by 39-" 1'? -'2 ll " .a developer from Hanoi.~ A personal nance and expense managing app seen as a Vietnamese version of Mint. - Hit over . - million downloads.~ Available in '5? languages. - Has been updated to -" monetary system.~ Available for iOS,Android,Windows Phone,Nokia X and Window 8 users. Techlomedia. in (India).