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  • 1. A2 Media Evaluation 2. How effective is the combination of your mainproduct and ancillary texts?Tia Campbell

2. The name of my local newspaper is called The Journal stylized as thejournaland the slogan of my newspaper is Your personal paper. The connotation ofthe journal is to suggest a sense of personal privacy, and personal belongings.A journal is a book people keep to write about specific events, secrets and deepthoughts, so by calling my product a journal it indicates a sense of personalpossession to my readers/audience. The idea I wanted to achieve is that thenewspaper would be a personal product to the audience, something personal tothem that they can read. The slogan is the idea that consistently runs throughall my product and ancillary tasks, so I think the combination is effectivebecause the idea of thejournal being a personal paper is reinforced. Theadvantage of reinforcing the theme of a product creates a fun advertising andmakes the product popular and recognizable to the audience.Slogan(featuredon thefront page) 3. The combination of the newspaper masthead and the billboard arealso effective through the use of consistent house style in colours.The colours used in my masthead are black and orange. Thedifference in design on the billboard where the word personal isstylized as the masthead on the newspaper normally would be. Theeffect of it being highlighted and designed in this way is toreinforce the theme of the journal being personal. The colourswould also be recognised by the audience when they see thebillboard. The font of the masthead and the word personal are alsothe same which triggers recognition.MastheaddesignEven though the billboard is simplistic with whitespace, theadvantage of that is that the colours can be more noticeable andcapture the audiences attention. On the billboard the fact thatthejournal does not have any design does not make themasthead less important, the attention has just been taken awayfrom the name and placed onto the word personal to keep thetheme consistent. The regular masthead is also in the corner ofthe billboard to show the readers which newspaper is beingadvertised if the design itself were not enough. 4. The journal as a local newspaper is published in Black Country (Wolverhampton). Sothe characters used in the radio advert would emphasise this idea through theiraccents. The character who shouts Oi! Hands off my journal is performed in acommon accent to portray a working class man from the Black Country, whichrepresents the region that the newspaper is published. In the literal script where it saysHands off my journal also echoes the theme of the newspaper being a personalproduct to readers, in the scenario someone has obviously taken the mans journal andhe reacts defensively taking possession of what he knows is rightfully his. The characteralso performs a tone of shock in his voice, to be surprised someone has even dared totouch his personal newspaper. At the end of the advert the slogan is also reinforcedThe journalYour personal paper Overall I think the combination of my product and ancillary tasks are effective becausethey continuously reinforce and continue the theme of the product by linking with eachother with different features.(Click link to be directed to radio ad extract: Oi! Hands off my journal) http://snack.to/azu8wkcz