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  • 1. Billing Software Flow chart

2. Shortcuts F2 - Item Master F3 - Add F4 - Edit F5 - Save F6 - Delete F7 - Free Items F8 - Search F9 - Cancel Esc - Close 3. Software Contains1. 2. 3. 4.Masters Transactions Accounts Reports 4. Masters Thesoftware consists of various masters i.e the initial settings for the software like adding the items, adding various brands, areas, packing types for the items, categories for the items, accounts maintained by the company (customers or suppliers), VAT master, adding employees of the company and adding different users 5. MASTERS Item master Stock entry Brand master Area master Pack master Category master Employee master Distributor items Account master Output VAT master User master Company master 6. Item master ADDING AN ITEM Go to masters< Item master