Finding A Job Your Way

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This presentation was presented at the University of Georgia and focused on creative ways to find a job. Using social media and being creative in the search process are key.


  • 1. Finding a Job YOUR Way Alex Putman @alexputman |@muzebranding

2. Tweet This! @alexputman at UGA to discuss finding a job 3. Table of Contents Who are you on-line? o Where are the employers posting jobs? Importance of Networking o Social Networking o Traditional Networking Creative Resume Ideas Stand out! Researching Companies 4. Who Are You On-Line? 5. Where Are Recruiters Looking? Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) RSS Feeds Aggregators (Indeed, SimplyHired) Virtual Worlds (SecondLife) Video (YouTube, Vimeo) Podcast ( Blogs (WordPress, Blogger) Micro Blogs (Twitter, IM, Texting) Wikis Bookmarking (StumbleUpon, Digg) Location Based Social (Foursquare, FB Places) 6. Google Google yourself Clean up o Photos/content o Profanity o Negativity TalentWise G+ Manage digital reputation o Google alerts o o Control your name 7. Importance of Networking 8. LinkedIn Complete profile Keyword optimization Groups Video Follow companies Recommendations CardMunch mobile App 9. 10. Tweet This! Check out @alexputman book Size Matters on 11. 12. Twitter Follow recruiters/hiring managers/companies Tweet and retweet companies Directories (Twellow) #jobs 13. Facebook Privacy settings Like company pages Interact with companies on their pages Search job tabs Jobvite App 14. 15. 16. Traditional Networking Internship CO-OP Campus Career Center Meet-ups Volunteering Community Services Georgia Association of College and Employers 17. Tweet This! Like great company and student friendly 18. Stand Out!! 19. Applying Innovation What does a termite hill and architecture have in common? 20. The termite mound uses tunnels to cool control temperature at an even 82 degrees. The East Gate Centre saves $4 million annually on air conditioning cost! Think innovatively and creatively; many things outside your current scope are possible! 21. Creative Resume Tips 22. Creative Use of FREE Tools Create presentation of skills Make an interactive resume How can I use it for job search? o Use it for VIDEO o Shows creativity o Create memorable content o Create on o 23. Creative Resumes 24. Stand Out to the Right Person How do you apply for a job? Who is your resume going to? Find the decision maker: o Google search for the hiring manager o LinkedIn search for 2nd and 3rd level connections o Call in and ask someone (tell them you are a jobseeker) o Talk to friends, neighbors, anyone you can 25. Be Memorable 26. Blogs Control the content Great example of your interest and abilities SEO: search and be found Guest blog Comment & Engage Connect resume & content 27. Tweet This! @alexputman says build a blog to showcase your expertise 28. Mobile Recruiting Always on, always with us, always connected In an average 1 week period ___% of mobile users will: 81% browse internet 77% use a search engine 48% watch a video 63% access a social network 39% use in bathroom 33% use while watching tv 70% use while in a store 74% make a buy decision based on info from smartphone 95% use to find local info 71% of mobile search is due to seeing an ad 42% people click on mobile ads 29. Mobile Apps o LinkedIn o CardMunch o Monster o Careerbuilder o Indeed o JobSpeek 30. Research Companies 31. Research Companies LinkedIn Google Facebook Fan Page Twitter 32. Look for huge things from the @muzebranding team of @alexputman @anabertram Tweet This! 33. Contact Alex Putman 678-557-0469 To connect search for Muze Branding on all social platforms