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  • 1. Firefox Marketplace for Developers

2. Tina Verbo Graduated from the University of Santo Tomas Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Programmer in a Japanese IT company Former Firefox Student Ambassador Mozilla Representative 3. Firefox Marketplace 4. Firefox Marketplace? 5. The Firefox Marketplace is the best place where you can connect to the web to find, try and download apps and content that matter to you. 6. The Firefox Marketplace provides web applications that behave just like native applications and can be used across multiple platforms and devices 7. Mozilla can help developers get their App into the hands of their target users around the world. 8. Design, Build & Publish! 9. Design Patterns 10. Liquid or Fluid Layout 11. Media Queries 12. Fluid Images 13. Build 14. Foundations of HTML5 Web App 15. HTML5 for content and structure 16. CSS3 for style 17. JS for dynamic interaction 18. Tools 19. FirefoxOS Simulator 20. Responsive Mode 21. Manifest 22. Publish 23. Steps to submit an app 1. Log in to the Firefox Marketplace site In a Web browser, visit the Firefox Marketplace site ( At the bottom of the page, click Developer Hub. Click the Sign in link at the top of the page. A login window opens. Login with Mozilla Persona: If you've previously used Persona, select the email address for the identity you want to use, and click sign in. 24. How do I create a Persona account? Sign in A pop up window will appear. Type the email address Next. Yahoo or Gmail email address: Log in to your email account to verify and your Persona account will be created. Another email address: Create a password to use with Persona only. Enter the password Done. Verification email will be sent to your email address. Click on the verification link to your account and your Persona account will be created. 25. 2. Enter information about the app This process includes four clearly labelled steps, indicated at the top of the page. First of all, click the Submit An App link at the top of the page. 26. Step 1: Agreement 27. Step 2: Submit Choose whether your app will be Free or Paid. Select the devices your app is compatible with. You'll only get the Packaged option if you just select Firefox OS, as this is the only system that currently supports them. Firefox OS is also currently the only option that supports paid apps. 28. Provide the location of your app: If your app is a hosted app, enter the location on your server of the app manifest for your app (this must be a full URL), and click Validate. If the app manifest validates, click Continue. If there are validation errors, correct them and revalidate the manifest. If your app is a packaged app, click the Packaged tab and select the zip file that you want to upload. The package will upload automatically. If your app validates, click Continue. If there are validation errors, correct them and re-upload your package. You can find more information on creating packaged apps at our packaged app guide. 29. Step 3: Details 30. The app's name and description, pulled from the app's manifest file, are required. You may now edit the description if you wish, and the length of the marketplace version can go over the 1024 character limit of the manifest version: it is unlimited. Basic HTML tags are supported, so you can structure your description somewhat. Check the categories that are relevant to your app, which determines what listings your app will appear in on the Marketplace. These are also required. Enter your privacy policy. This is also required. Enter your app homepage and support site details. These fields are optional. 31. Enter a support email address. This is required. Say whether your app requires Flash support (optional.) Add screenshots/videos to demonstrate your app's features and workflows. Having at least one screenshot is required. Uncheck the "Publish my app in the Firefox Marketplace as soon as it's reviewed." checkbox if you don't want it instantly published as soon as it's been reviewed. Note: The multi-line text fields support HTML, so you can structure and link the text. 32. Step 4: Next Steps There are many different options available in this section. The first thing you need to do is review the information in the first page, then press CONTINUE. 33. 1. First, Add a Content Rating using the Content Rating Tool (press the "Create an IARC Ratings Certificate" button to get started.) This will provide you with a Submission ID and Security Code that you can enter into the bottom box and Submit. If you already have a rating certificate, you can just enter the details straight into the bottom box and press Submit. This is required. 2. Review the Content Ratings that come up on the next screen and make sure you are happy with them. 3. Click on the Compatibility & Payments link on the left of this section to review the compatibility and payments option. Here you can choose to: Change with platforms the app is to be distributed on Set what the pricing is, in the "Paid/In-app tab" (see App pricing for pricing details) Alter the regions the app is listed in 34. 4. Click on the Team Members link on the left and add more app team members if required. These team members have access to the app's details as follows: Owner Can manage all aspects of the app's listing, including adding and removing other team members. Developer Can manage all aspects of the app's listing, except for adding and removing other team members and managing payments. Support Can view the app's settings and manage refund requests. Viewer Can view the app's settings but cannot make any changes. 35. 36. My Contact Details @bestwishestina