When It Comes to Real Estate Marketing, Presentation is Everything

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Of all the things a listing agent needs to do today to market a home, the visuals are the foundation for everything. Online marketing is highly visual, and the photos and video of a home can mean the home stands out, or gets ignored. By paying attention to photos and video, the listing agent can make sure the home gets on the buyer's "must-see list". Professional photos that have high resolution, whether taken by the agent, or by a hired professional, are most important. On all the most popular real estate websites, photos are at the top of the page. Surveys show that if the pictures don't win a buyer's attention, they will not put that home on their list to see in person. Photos are the first impression, and can make or break a showing. No showing = No sale. Consider any other industry that sells products on line... the first thing a buyer wants to see is the photos, and they want them to be realistic and explanatory. Why should selling real estate be any different? Even more so, the cost of the product, a home, far surpasses most things we can think of to look for on the world wide web. All the more reason for sellers to expect professional photos from their listing agent. Videos of the home used to be out of reach for most realtors and cost prohibitive. With today's technologies and price points, there is no reason why a listing agent cannot provide a home video for their clients. Yet, only 8% of real estate agents do. This is just wrong! A listing video will not only make the home stand out to buyers because of the sheer lack of home videos in the market, it will showcase your home and its features at the highest level. Through a video tour, buyers get to see the floor plan and flow of your home, the size of the rooms, and the feel of the spaces in a way that still photos can never convey. Touring your home through a Hi-def video will ensure that it makes it onto their list. But remember, not all video is the same. Sellers should insist on Hi-definition, walk-through video that shows the flow and floor plan of the home. Context. Video is powerful in search. It will invariably show up on the first page of a Google search, with much time at all. As well as showing up high in search, videos can get as much as 3 times the click-thru as other types of website content. In an age when 92% of buyers are searching online, video is a must-have to get a real estate listing in front of as many buyers as possible. Sellers, it's time to expect more from your listing agent.

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