How to make sure your resume stands out

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<p>How to Make Your Resume Stand OutBy Peter TrombettiUse a personal statementDont use standard greetings and phrases - HR reps see hundreds of resumes everydayShow some personality while telling potential employers exactly what they want to hear, up-front. What you do and how you can help their organization.Use industry termsEmployers want to know that youre familiar with the industryAt the same time - avoid using slang or improper termsUse proper names for equipement, customers, tools and techniquesBoast about your trainingAlways feature trainings and certificates including safety training, industry specific training and certificatesHighlight any skillsFocus on skills that can help you stand out among competitionKnowledge of foreign languages is a big plusList other skills that may impress potential employers including computer and communication skills Make sure your resume is readableUse word or PDF to submit your resumeIf HR cant open it, they cant hire you!Double check before submittingCheck spelling and grammarReview all sentences to make sure they make senseKeep formatting consistant across the entire resume.</p>