Top 5 ways to get ready for the 2017 holiday season

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  • Top 5 ways to get ready for the 2017 holiday season

  • With summer already upon us, many people are taking beach trips or vacations, but as retailers, you are already looking forward to the holidays!

    We have examined some key takeaways from the 2016 holiday season to come up with the top 5 ways to prepare for this year.

    Looking back to look forward

  • The buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) model has become one of the best ways to stay competitive and provide the most convenient shopping options for your consumersespecially the last-minute shoppers.

    BOPIS requires:

    Accurate inventory information

    Short pickup times (same day, within hours)

    Efficient in-store customer service

    #1: Buy online, pickup in store

    61% of stores offered BOPIS in 2016.1

    1Lorenzetti, Laura. Why Buy Online, Pickup in Store isnt working

    for Retailers. Fortune. 02 Nov 2015.

  • Whether your customers are shopping online or in-store, making the shopping experience as frictionless as possible is the ultimate aim. You can remove friction from each channel, and across channels:

    #2: Frictionless shopping


    Include availability info on


    Minimize the number of

    required keystrokes

    Use intuitive type-down

    approach to collect customer



    Equip store associates

    with clienteling tablets

    Efficient point-of-sale


    Use technology to speed


    Adequately staffed stores

    Frictionless commerce

    Combine online and offline


    Shop online while in-store

    Buy online pickup/return in store

    Develop an app that can be used

    for Ecommerce purchases and

    in-store rewards

  • #3: Extending Christmas Day delivery cutoff

    Free shipping is now par for the course for the holiday season. Shoppers also want the opportunity to shop until the very last minute and still know there will be gifts under the tree. While the season encompasses several other holidays, there is a distinct emphasis placed on Christmas delivery.

    Extending cutoff dates for Christmas delivery can help you defend your ground or even edge out competition. Its particularly effective if you can use local stores as fulfillment centers to quickly get the goods into the hands of your consumers.2

    2 2016 Holiday Insights Stella Service.

  • For the first time in 2016, online shopping surpassed in-store shopping over Black Friday weekend, the kickoff of the holiday shopping season.3 With Cyber Monday seeing similar trends in online growthand particularly shopping on mobile phoneswe anticipate that customers will continue to make more purchases from their smart phones.

    #4: Mobilization

    3 Wahba, Phil. About 10 Million More Americans Shopped Online Than In Stores

    Over Black Friday Weekend. Fortune. 27 Nov 2016. 27 April 2017.

    10M more Americans shopped online than in-store

  • #5: The customer knows best

    This goes beyond the whole customer is always

    right idea. Really listening to your consumers has

    never been more importantand luckily, its

    never been easier either.

    Read reviews & emails

    Listen to guests in your store and on customer

    service calls

    Achieve a 360-degree view to understand your


    Remember, your shoppers can always vote with

    their wallets. Listen to their feedback, act

    accordingly, and consider how to provide them

    with the best experience every time.

  • Did you know that data quality underpins each of the top 5 ways to prepare for this holiday season?

    Download our tip sheet for more insights on how to make 2017 your best holiday season yet.

    Gearing up for a successful 2017 holiday season

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