Moon mission hoax

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Apollo 11 consiracy theory

Text of Moon mission hoax

  • 1. Cold war between Russia and USA Russia had launched the first satellite SPUTNIK and got a lead in the space race NASA was about to end All the test launches were going fail In order to be in the space race NASA had to do this The US government was just lagging behind in the cold war and hence to get a lead they faked this mission

2. Bill Kaysing The man who stated this theory He has given some evidences proving that the astronauts of Apollo moon mission were not on the moon rather the pictures were taken in some secret studios in the Area 51 (secret military base in USA) Following are the some evidences given by Mr. Bill Kaysing . Waving flag Intersecting shadows No blast crater starless sky Highly intense Radiation ...and many other reasons. 3. Even though there is no atmosphere on the moon why is the American flag waving ? This proves the presence of some cooling equipments in the studios because the cooling mechanism of the astronauts suits would have been too heavy on earth 4. There are no stars in photos from the surface of the Moon. The sky appears jet black in these photos. This is considered one of the biggest points of evidence. 5. Sun was the only source of light present Shadows of all objects should be parallel to each other. In the pictures aside, shadows of all the objects are in different directions . Proves that pictures were taken in some studio with more than one artificial source of lights 6. Even though the Lunar Lander landed with the huge thrust of 15200 pounds on the surface of the moon there appears no blast crater below it. And not just one but all of the 6 lunar landings show no sign of the blast crater on the moon. 7. If the crosshair was permanently etched on lens of the camera which were fixed on the spacesuit of astronaut why this transmitter or lunar vehicle is covering this cross. This shows that the photos were cropped or edited in a studio and were then telecasted 8. Why is the astronaut Buzz Aldrin completely visible even if he is in the dark shadow of the Lunar Lander ? This proves that the artificial spot lights were used to get the clear pictures 9. Theodore Freeman killed ejecting from T-38 which had suffered a bird strike, October 1964 Eliot See T-38 crash in bad weather, February 1966 Edward Givens car accident, June 1967 Robert Henry Lawrence F-104 crash, December 1967, shortly after being selected as a pilot with the Air Force's (later canceled) Manned Orbiting Laboratory program 10. Thomas Baron automobile collision with train, April 1967, shortly after making accusations before Congress about the cause of the Apollo 1 fire, after which he was fired Grigori Nelyubov suicide, February 1966 Valentin Bondarenko ground training accident , March 1961 And many other people who were part of the Apollo programs died mysteriously .. 11. Highly intense radiation which astronauts could hardly have survived Missing blueprints Missing tapes If it is possible to make footprints on the lunar surface why the lunar Lander had not made any impression on the surface even if it was weighing 17 ton All these proofs show that moon landing was nothing but the ever made. 12. So at last you yourself have to decide that the famous lines by Neil Armstrong: Thats one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind were from the moon or somewhere beside you.