4 tips for Living Enlightenment, full of constant joy, bliss a happiness, in all of lifes circumstances

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The top 4 tips for living an enlightening life, in every situation, no matter what is happening around you. Enlightenment is possible when we set that as a goal in life, and these tips provide a starting point. Discover constant bliss, enjoy waking up joyful and going to bed at total peace. A key to spiritual enlightenment is daily practice and these tips begin the process of spiritual awakening. You can find more tips and free meditations at www.EnlightenmentHow.com We also offer free customized meditations for specific problems including: relationship issues, stress, work problems, health issues and financial stress. We recommend you sign up for these and practice daily. Many people will see a change in their problem in 1-4 days of practice. 


Increase living in Constant Joy for No Reason! | Enlightenment How ENLIGHTENMENT HOW 4 TIPS FOR SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT, INCREASING BLISS AND CONSTANT HAPPINESS  2 4 TIPS FOR SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT, INCREASING BLISS AND CONSTANT HAPPINESS The Goal In this workbook our goal is to help you increase your bliss level from where you are at currently, to a much higher level. These 4 tips are a great beginning to increasing bliss and happiness for no reason. They will take you about 5 minutes a day. If you want to devote more time to increasing bliss I have an advanced course that is free also. Please just write to me and ask for it. Let us define enlightenment and bliss again for you: Enlightenment and Bliss is happiness without reason or cause. Just overflowing joy and happiness for no reason. Bliss is our natural state, but it is often hidden from us under layers of thoughts and emotions. We have developed these thoughts and emotions over years from early childhood events and societal learning. Unfortunately we have very few models of constant bliss around us to emulate, so we grow up believing that life is for happiness, happiness based on some external experience, such as the new car, the job, the relationships, etc. In fact when we study those people who do live in bliss we find out: Enlightenment and Bliss is a flowing constant joy and happiness that is present all the time no matter what is happening in the outer world. Because of this bliss state, people also exhibit other qualities including: High energy Great creativity Increased productivity Increased health Reduced signs of aging Great love and compassion Innocence and simplicity Great clarity on issues and solutions Become more interested in helping others, environmental and humanitarian activities Are an inspiration for others What bliss is not! Many people have the concept of bliss of being Zoned Out, a product of mind or drug induced states where there is little action, little regard for the world or care for others. An I could not care less state. This is not the case, constant bliss and enlightenment leads us to be actively engaged in life often in service of others. Enlightenment and Bliss is not: Avoiding responsibilities Disregard for others Uncaring for the environment Disregard for societal rules 3 Withdrawal from interaction Ignoring dangerous situations In summary: This is the Ultimate and Ideal way of living as a human being. The average person reports having moments of bliss about 5-10% of the day In studies most people report experiencing moments of bliss just a small percentage of the time each day. Unfortunately people who live in what we would consider the best conditions in the world report the least amount of bliss! Recently students at a Los Angeles beachside University, studying dance, reported a level of only 5-10% bliss on a daily basis. These students live in what most people in the world would consider the ideal conditions. Can I achieve more bliss and live an enlightening life? Absolutely! The first and most important step is to make the decision that you are going to increase your bliss level to enlightenment and constant bliss. When you make this decision an inner knowing will start to work with you to enable this to happen. Does it matter what religion I am or what spiritual practice I do? No, it does not. This blissful way of functioning is a universal state. If you already have religious and spiritual practices the activities in this booklet will complement these. In each religion there are found teachings that you can use to support you in the goal of bliss. Research what these teachings are and apply them to increase your inspiration. Enlightenment crosses all boundaries, and enlightening living shares bliss with all. Tip 1. Set the goal of living in constant bliss, through thick and thin to be achieved in one year. Write this down and revisit it every morning for 30 seconds to one minute. Concept This thought starts a chain reaction throughout your whole being leading to thoughts and actions that promote bliss. So even if you dont reach constant bliss in one year, and only increase bliss by 20%, you are a winner! Enlightenment is around the corner and you can be experiencing living enlightenment for a great percentage of the day. Tip 2. Wake up and smile (consciously) When you wake up in the morning bring a smile to your face and feel the joy spreading throughout your whole body. Take one minute and enjoy the smile, if you can giggle all the better, if you can laugh even better. Experiment with this tip and make it your own by customizing it for yourself so that you feel the maximum joy in your body. Concept The thoughts we carry in our body create the outcomes around us. Our emotions are far more liquid, and changeable than we believe. We have the ability to change our emotions and create them. By beginning the day with a smile we set the tone for the whole day. Tip 3. 4 Go to bed Grateful for ALL that happened to you. Just before you go to sleep spend 1 minute writing a gratitude journal about what you are grateful each day. Write this journal from the perspective of the saying Every difficulty that I experience is there to help me reach enlightenment Concept How we go to sleep directly affects how we wake up. If we go to sleep grumpy we are likely to wake up in the same space. Instead, when we write a gratitude journal we create gratitude in us when we wake up. To enhance that feeling write the notes from the perspective of whatever doesnt kill us makes us more grateful. For example, the hardest part of the day was when a driver almost hit you. You reacted by being angry. You can be grateful for this opportunity to practice deep breathing and watch your reactions. Each incident that upsets is an opportunity to practice inner conflict resolution, and strengthens our ability to handle more upsets with more ease. Every event is there to support us in gaining clarity, wisdom and joy rather than attacking us Tip 4. Take time to breathe deeply when emotions run strongly Concept When we are feeling stressed, our breathing naturally becomes more shallow as our chest constricts. By consciously breathing deeply we rapidly settle the emotions. With practice you can change your emotional state quite rapidly from stress to ease. We have a free meditation to help you here: http://enlightenmenthow.com/beginners-meditations/ Martyn lives enlightenment, these tools helped me shift from intense pain of loss to an unbelievable freedom. Tashi Powers, Publisher, Enlightening Times. These tools really work! I use them daily and my bliss is now at the 60% level Alexandra Harmanas, Leadership Trainer, London UK Martyn has such an enlightening presence, he radiates joy, bliss and compassion constantly. He has extraordinary energy and dedication, and I have seen hlm help hundreds of people to increased consciousness" Dr. Deborah Chance, Educational consultant Bonus content! 1. Review the quiz located here: http://www.enlighteningadventures.com/#!most-important- quiz/c10z9. Fill in your answers and we will send you a note letting you know what your starting baseline level of bliss is. Our plan is to help you increase this baseline level dramatically so that life becomes even more fun. 2. Watch the video: How 99.9% of the World Misses Out On Bliss. In this video you will discover the reason why most people in the world are not living in bliss. We find out how life becomes so full, joyful and rich when people switch to the goal of living a life of bliss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfR_E3OpwFw 3. How to Succeed at that Critical Job Interview by being Blissful! You will really enjoy this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kcB-Q2viwo 5 Special offer! If you would like to see what free coaching is like that increases your happiness send a note to dheera.la@gmail.com. Or look on the web site at http://enlightenmenthow.com/coaching/ Your next step If you find this useful in any way we recommend that you now take the Advanced Online Course. You can enroll on the web site here: http://enlightenmenthow.com/ We offer advanced visualizations for enlightenment here: http://enlightenmenthow.com/advanced-visualizations/ Feedback Please send your feedback to: enlightenmenthow@gmail.com