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  • How To Attract Women Dating Tips Ask any dating expert or relationship consultant and youll realize there are tons and tons of secrets when it comes to attracting women. If its going to be your first time seeing a woman, dating her face to face, then youve got to equip yourself with one of the most important skills that will get her interested in knowing you. This skill is none other than knowing what to say when you first meet her, because as you probably know, not only do first impressions count, the first words that come out of your mouth can make or break the relationship. Sounds dramatic, but its true. Say something boring and shes likely to think youre a boring person. Shell be turned off. On the other hand, say something interesting and you would get her attention and interest.

    She Will Notice You And thats what you want. Remember, your first task is not to get her to fall in love with you or even lusting for you. Thats completely unrealistic and expecting too much. What you want is to get her interested in you, so you guys can carry on the conversation and take things deeper and further without her losing interest or getting turned off. So think about it, what should you say the first time you meet her? The quickest way to shut down a conversation is to ask a yes or no question. No, thats not what you want to do, so ideally youd want to ask an OPEN ENDED QUESTION. Because as we mentioned, you want to take the conversation on to the next step. How do you do that?

    The Answer Is Simple. How many are there ways to get a girl to like you? What curious questions can you think of that cant be answered with a simple yes or no? What questions can pull a girl further into a conversation? When youre able to take a girl to any part of a conversation the way you want, youll have something most guys lack. The ability to get direct her interest and attention. While most guys will say things like, Whats your name? So hows life? youre able to

  • inject wit, humor and warmth into all your conversations with her with far more interesting and fascinating questions than that. The secret is not in thinking and strategizing too much, but doing it so often until it becomes spontaneous and natural to you to start an interesting conversation with a woman. Remember, its not about pressuring yourself to go for the kill right away. No, thats not how you treat nor attract beautiful women. Take things once step at a time, and as you become more confident, youll find attracting women starts to become a breeze. So take the time to learn what to say to a woman, especially if youre meeting her for the first time, because its the first and perhaps most important step in getting to know her. Singles. You dont have to belong to this group of guys anymore if you dont want to. Just be proactive and go for what you want!

    How To Attract Women Dating Tips She Will Notice You The Answer Is Simple.