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Air cargo management

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Air Cargo Management Unit 5

Air Cargo ManagementJSP KRISHNA TEJAPacking:Natural packing of Excisable GoodsGreen LogoPacking vis--vis PackingShipping HazardsTypes of packs

TypesLabelingLabelingRegistered exportersColour, Shapes and Sizes

4Cargo acceptance:Consignments will be accepted for air carriage if such consignments do not violate any national regulations or application laws. In order to determine if a consignment is acceptable for carriage, we must observe the following:Documents:Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI) for issuing Airway bill formA Letter of Instruction with Shipper's LetterheadThe Airway billShipper's Declaration of Transport for Dangerous Goods (DG)Shipper's Certificate of Live AnimalsCommercial Invoice, Customs documentationsCertificate of Origin

ContUS Government Bill of LadingHealth Certificate for Live AnimalsDeath Certificate, Burial Certificate and Embalming Certificate for shipping Human remains via airExport/import or transit license/permits which the carrier is required to present to customs or any other government agenciesIndependent Surveyor's report confirming items to be exported or their quality, quantity and weight/dimensionsAgricultural, Phytosanitory or Fisheries Certificates and Fumigation Certificates for certain agro-based for all wood material and packaging materialPharmaceutical or Chemistry Certificate for such products, especially poisons.

SizePaymentGoods' Description, Packing, Marking/Labelling, Destination

INTRODUCTION OF AIRWAY BILLAir waybill certifies execution of cargo transportation agreement, acceptance of cargo for transportation and cargo transportation conditions. Air waybill is issued based on a signed shipper's application for cargo transportationthe Company or its ground handling agent issue air waybillthree original copies of air waybilloriginal remains at the airport of destinationthe consignee for the shipper upon acceptance of cargo.CARGO MANIFESTATIONa customs document in which all the items loaded and passengers in plane or ship are listed.It should include thecargo'scosigner andconsignee, as well aslistingalldetails of all goods such as: breed, gender, weight, quantity, age,value, dimensions, origin and destination.The document will be prepared by shippers agent. Security clearanceX-ray.Open and VerifyRe-packing is with the consignor.Observing cooling period of 24 hour.The direct supervision of the duty manager or cargo manager.

Loading of CargoDoor Dimension of the Cargo HoldThe parcel size is less than door of air craftLocker CapacityFloor loading capacitySector wise loadingOne sector should not get mixed up with the load of the other sector.

Cargo arrival and Off loadingAfter arrival of air craft to destinationThe pouch containing the cargo manifest and consignment notes are removed.Check list is filledSending a cargo arrival notice is send to consignee.Delivery of cargoCTM-All interline cargo shall be accepted/delivered to and from other carriers only under a Cargo Transfer Manifest.Consignee may be identified personally by a responsible officer.Consignment note is entered in delivery resister.Issue out pass. exim licenseRegistration with regional licensing authority is a prerequisite for the import and export of goods.The customs will not allow for clearance of goods unless the importer has obtained an Import Export Code (IEC) from the regional authority.Purchase orderProof that a genuine requirement for the material being exported.It should specify the quantity required, Unit price,.Total amount in US dollars or UK pounds or in any foreign currency.Commercial Invoice Invoice is raised by the Exporter.The commercial invoice is a record or evidence of the transaction between the exporter and the importer.The commercial invoice contains the basic information on the transaction and is always required for customs clearance.Packing listPacking list is the description of the goods in the consignment The packing list (P/L) is an inventory of the incoming cargo required for customs clearance.Certificate of originThis is issued by chamber of commerce.Itis used for certification that the products exported are wholly obtained, produced or manufactured in a particular Country.Shipping BillFree Shipping Bill:a Shipper does not want to claim any export benefit.Drawback Shipping Bill:Whenever the Shipper wants to claim Drawback as an export benefit.The Shipper must have a valid account with theSBI, Air Cargo ComplexFile Drawback Shipping Bill at Customs EDI Systems.DEPB Shipping Bill (Duty Entitlement Pass Book Scheme)CUSTOMSCollection of Customs duties on imports and exports.Enforcement of various provisions of the Customs Act, 1962.Discharge of agency functions and enforcing prohibitions and restrictionsPrevention of smuggling including interdiction of narcotics drug trafficking.International passenger clearance.CUSTODIANIn regard to all imported goods unloaded in a Customs areaGoods can be cleared from a Customs area with the express permission of CustomsCustoms authorities are given appropriate office place and requisite facilities in the dock area as well as in international cargo complexes.Electronic data interchange(EDI)Itis an electronic communication system that provides standards for exchanging data via any electronic means.Respond more quickly to the needs of the trade.Reduce interaction of the trade with Government agencies.computerisation of customs related functions including import/export general manifest control, ex-bond clearance of warehoused goods, goods imported against export promotion schemes, monitoring of export promotion schemes,

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