How to Get Your Podcast Transcribed?

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How to Get Your Podcast Transcribed?

IntroductionThere are many benefits for transcribing podcasts as because it is very time consuming task if it is done by you. You will need to listen to your podcasts again and again and then need to type every word it is said in it. But with the use of transcription services it allows somebody else to let the work done. Here are some of the reasons why you need to transcribe the podcasts and why you need to choose the Transhiva as Transcription Service provider for transcribing your podcasts.

Why it is need to transcribe Podcasts?

Transcription is very useful service which you can provide your audience for people, who prefer reading instead of listening. For people whose first language is not English then they will find it difficult to listen to such difficult accents of English but on the same hand reading the content is a good idea as it does not has to cope with accents or background noise.

To increase the audience of podcasts transcription is also a great idea. As every one of us know that the text are easily searched in web search results whereas the audio content are not searchable. Transcription helps in reviewing and analysing the details which can work and which cannot work in order to improve podcasts.

Why to choose Transhiva as your transcription services?

Here are some the reasons why Transhiva is the best transcription service provider:We provide in budget transcription: Transhiva only charges $0.85per minute for transcribing the podcasts. It is one of the best prices available in this industry. You will hardly able to notice any other transcription service provider who can charge you this money without compromising the quality of the transcripts.


Why to choose Transhiva as your transcription services?

Incredible turnaround time: your audiences may except that the podcasts must be uploaded as soon as the recording of the latest episodes gets finished up. Meeting the demand, expectations of impatient crowds is not so easy but for this work you can rely on Transhiva. Our turnaround time is less than 24 hours which is less than our competitors.


3We hire real people not machines: There are many transcription service providers who make use of machines for transcribing audio which is handled by the people. Human transcribers can notice the words which are out of the contents whereas machines fail to do that. Even your podcasts are of low quality audio transcripts that turns off even the loyal readers so you should not risk on machine transcription.

Why to choose Transhiva as your transcription services?

We make easy: We dont confuse the customers with our complicated pricing and hidden costs, we make it simple. We offer clear and simple pricing you need to pay what you see. We never lead to unnecessary headaches to our clients. You also have to do other work apart from looking in the website for checkout. So why our online checkout process performs streamlined and is easy to use.



Podcasts are very important for growing and retailing the audience. By choosing Transhiva as your transcription service provider you need to quickly and easily make your podcasts to be transcribed and posted online. So every time you need to come up with new topics that can hold your targeted audiences.

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