How to Keep your workplace safe & secure?

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  • Keep Your Workplace Safe

    In todays world, safety is a matter of surmount concern. You cannot take things for granted and hence every

    employer needs to carefully handle the matters pertaining to workplace safety.

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    Here you can find a few steps to help you increase place workplace safety.

    Create a safe environment

    It is important to cultivate a safe, non-fear based environment in the workplace. Parenting provides a great

    metaphor; it is easy to mistakenly think that a spanking will elicit a behavioral change. While it might appear to

    work in the short term, the long-term ramifications are far too costly. The same goes for the workplace. When

    everyone is walking on eggshells, employee concerns are buried deep under the surface. This increases the risk of

    a sudden workplace violence.

    Hazard free workplace

    In a workplace where heavy equipment is handled regularly, it is possible for accidents to occur. Electric hazards

    and even keyboards could pose a potential threat to your employees. To ensure that your workplace is safe,

    conduct routine maintenance and housekeeping checks for possible hazards. Frequently check for proper

    ergonomic conditions. Check all equipment for unsafe wear and tear and make replacements whenever needed. It

    always helps to educate workers on identifying hazards and risks and how they could tackle them. Make sure

    employees wear necessary protective equipment.

    Instill check-ins.

    The morale of your employees is the most important thing. Without employees a business is nothing. Make sure

    your managers are checking in with their employers regularly. For example, at a restaurant, you can have waiters

    fill out forms on how their day has been and you can gauge from the feedback they provide. So for instance, one

    particular day a waiter says his day was a 3 on a scale of 5 but for the next 2 consecutive days it is a 1 then you

    need to go and talk to the waiter and understand the problem. Similarly for everyone else, you can adapt this

    technique to your business as well. Morale of employees is not optional- it is your business.

  • Put in extra efforts when hiring

    While we all like to trust our gut when it comes to people, studies show that some of the best executives make

    the worst hiring decisions. It is important to rely on background checks and references before making a hiring

    decision. When you check references, dont only ask about the candidates ability to reach sales goals, ask for a

    story of when he helped a colleague or a time when she didnt use her best judgment. Hire for character as much

    as skill set.

    If you see something, say something

    As an employee, it is your responsibility to contribute to the workplace safety. When you see an employee acting

    erratically, it is your duty to say something to a manager. The higher up an executive is, the less likely they are to

    know what is really happening. If you are not yet in the C-suite, you are more likely to be interacting with many

    different people and departments all day long. Ensure that if you hear something that needs to be reported, which

    could potentially lead to workplace violence or anything of the sort, do that. Prevention is always better than


    Workplace safety is an important aspect which should not be taken lightly. If you need any help with organizing

    safety for your workplace or hiring security guards for particular events, check out GPS-Security group. All your

    needs will be handled professionally.

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