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Locksmith Tricks for Unlocking LocksWhen unlocking a lock the first thing that a locksmith does is to assess the condition of the lock. If the lock tumblers have been weakened by extensive use, it can affect their susceptibility to lock picking.

A dirty lock can also affect the effectiveness of lock picking. Springs react differently on warm and cold days so the weather also plays an important part. To make sure that the lock is not dirty the locksmith will clean out the tumblers. If there is one piece of grit in the lock, it could mean failure to pick it. The chances that the lock will open easily when using a lock pick is slim if the lock has not worked in awhile or it is an old lock.

Locksmith Tricks for Unlocking LocksOnce the locksmith has assessed the tumbler of the lock there are three ways he could use to possibly get the lock open. The goal of any of these three methods is to lift four or five pins that are found inside the tumbler of the lock because this is what a key does to unlock a door automatically.

Ranking of LocksmithThe locksmith will lubricate the plug with a lubricant spray like WD40 but do not use graphite. Use a long pick that ends with key like ridges to distribute the lubricant through the lock tumbler. The long picks are called a rake pick. The next step is to use a tension tool that will fit the keyway snuggly. The locksmith will start using very light tension before they turn to stronger methods. If there is too much tension it can weaken the drive springs. These are what keep the pins in place inside the lock.

Jiggling and Scrubbingif you are a locksmith new to the trade of picking locks this is the easiest method to start with. The reason is that all you have to do is stick a pin into the tumbler and jiggle it. You cannot stick it in randomly so it is very important that you keep the correct tension on the pins throughout the entire job. As soon as you feel a pin set stop the jiggling and move to a different part of the lock.

In this process you can either push the pick up on the first pin all the way back across the pins or reverse it and use the last pin and pull forward. Start with light tension and if none of the pins set switch to stronger tension until all the pins are set and the lock opens.


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