5 ways to make your meetings more productive

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5 Ways to MakeYour MeetingsMore Productive

Meetings are an excellent way to keep everyone on track, but for many companies, it can also be a time and money waster.

Numbers show that the average employee attends 62 meetings monthly, half of which are considered a big waste of time.

This equates to 31 hours of unproductive meetings each month.

When you factor in the money wasted,

it translates to a $37 billion loss annually (just in the U.S.).

The following can be done to ensure all of your meetings are productive:

Create a clear agenda in advance and stick to it. Assign a great leader to head meetings. Ask employees not to bring their devices. Keep meetings small (4-7 people).Use the final ten minutes to recap the meeting. 877-274-01471267 Barclay BlvdBuffalo Grove, IL 60089