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1. SOIL promotes dignity, health, and sustainable livelihoods through the transformation of wastes into resources. Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods 2. Haiti: The Pearl of the Antilles 3. Food Insecurity 4. Ecological destruction in Haiti 5. Haitis debt to France: $27.1 billion Years it took to pay off: over 100 The consequence? Massive social and ecological damage 6. Haitis soil is eroding at a rate of over 36.6 million metric tons per year 7. Only 25% of people in Haiti have access to a toilet. Globally, 2.5 billion lack access to improved sanitation. 8. Preventable nutrient loss 9. EcoSan dry toilet 10. Waste Transformation SOILs two waste treatment facilities transform human waste into more than 150,000 gallons of safe, organic, agriculture-grade compost each year. 11. Improving Public Health 12. Nutrient-Rich Compost! 13. Agricultural Growth 14. EkoLakay: Sustainably Increasing Access to Sanitation 15. Marketing to people at the base of the pyramid 16. Creating Sustainable Solutions 17.