3 Ways To Use Twitter Beyond the Tweet

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1. 3 Ways To Use Twitter Beyond the Tweet 2. Bookmark It Youve stumbled upon a great article and then you realize that you need to be somewhere in 5 minutes. Or you start reading something and all of the sudden your daughter needs your help with some homework. Or perhaps you simply find something that you want to save for later. Tweet it. Not only are you bookmarking it for yourself to revisit later youre sharing something with your followers that youve felt important or newsworthy. Win-win Next Slide 3. List It Twitter lets you create easy lists. And your lists allow you to very easily separate your friends and follows into different interest categories. In this way, Twitter makes it very easy to stay organized and connected with your different feeds and lists very quickly. And with its awesome mobile-friendliness, Twitter lets you sort and filter your different list feeds on the go. With a quick scroll of a timeline, you can easily catch-up with old friends and find new conversation bits for your next get together. Next Slide 4. Search For It Twitters search feature can be a useful source for research, consumer intelligence, or your own curiosity. Simply search for it, and you can instantly see hundreds of tweets on any topic. Twitter also uses hyperlinked #hashtags, which allow you to quickly see all of the latest tweets about a particular topic or keyword phrase. Wondering whats happening in #Miami this weekend? Want to know whats trending on #LinkedIn this week? Key your #hashtag into the Twitter Search box and voila! Next Slide 5. Wrap Twitter can be used in a variety of ways beyond the tweet. If you have some creative Twitter tips that work for you, feel free to tweet them to me at @matthewspilman. All the best // MS Web: matthewspilman.com Social: @matthewspilman MS 2015 // matthewspilman.com // All rights reserved.