3 Ways to Use Twitter Feed Image and Vine Previews For Business

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3 Ways to Use Twitter Feed Image and Vine Previews For Business Buy 500 Social Media Marketing Tips Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007L50HE6 Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007L50HE6 Follow Me: http://www.facebook.com/500socialmediatips/ http://www.pinterest.com/andrewmacarthy http://www.twitter.com/andrewmacarthy http://www.youtube.com/500socialmediatips


  • 1. andre wm acart hy.co m http://andrewmacarthy.co m/andrew-macarthy-so cial-media/ho w-to -use-twitter-feed-images-fo r-marketing Andrew Macarthy In late October, 2013, Twitter rolled out an update to its desktop site and mobile apps that changes how images ( specif ically those that are uploaded to the site directly) and Vine videos are displayed to users in their f eeds. Let's take a look at the changes in detail and how you can use them f or marketing purposes.
  • 2. In the past, images and Vine videos posted to Twitter would appear as a link in a tweet, and be completely hidden. To see the image or video, a user had to click on a link and the photo or video would unveil itself within the f eed, as shown above.
  • 3. Following the update, a portion of the uploaded image or Vine video is visible in the f eed. Users can either click on the media to see it in a pop-up window, or click the Expand link, upon which the f ull image or video will be unveiled, as above. T his new way of displaying images on Twitter makes the social network more visual than ever bef ore, and also opens up new ways f or brands to highlight their wares. Here are three approaches you can take: Promote events and sales
  • 4. img: Kris Krug Use the portion of the Twitter image that displays to promote a product or event. Nice and simple. Reveal an of f er
  • 5. img: Lali Masriera For a bit more mystery and excitement, create an image f or Twitter that can only be revealed if a user clicks or expands your photo. Give Vine videos a cover photo
  • 6. When a Vine video is posted to Twitter, the recording's f irst f rame becomes the preview that users see in the f eed. To compel more people to click on it and watch, plan your shoot so that the f irst recorded f rame is what you want the cover photo to be, whether it's simply the title of your video as above, or a still shot of the drama within. Twitter f eed image positioning T he way that Twitter's image and Vine video previews are displayed in the f eed means that you will have to plan ahead if you want your message to show exactly as you want, without it being cropped and hidden.
  • 7. When you upload a still image as a square - I recommend this as it is the shape most commonly used on many social networks - the centre third of the image is what will appear in the preview window on Twitter, while the remaining top and bottom portions are revealed when the image is expanded. T heref ore, aim to keep your most important message in the middle block of space.
  • 8. Vine videos act a little dif f erently. When posted and viewed on desktops, the top half of the f irst f rame of the video shows in the preview window, and the bottom half is revealed when the media is expanded. On mobiles, Vine videos act likes images - the centre third of the preview image is shown. Conclusion and template I hope this post has given you some inspiration f or how you might take advantage of Twitter's new previews f or images and Vine videos. If you are interested in making the job super easy, you can grab the template I have created f or designing Twitter images with messages that f it perf ectly within the preview window (along with numerous others) over on my Social Media Templates page. ,