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draft mood-board for pitch idea.

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  • 1. A competition for LoveCan end in unexpected terms

2. StorylineThe plot for this story is for two boys who once are always in constant rivalry ,find themselves in a competition to win the heart of a girl which they dontknow the full story of.Don't judge a book by its cover sums up the story as to how at first, theboys viewed the girl as someone they become extremely attracted to, untilthey find out about her other relationship 3. LocationThe story will be set in the school gym,where the teenage boys meet and competefor the girl they hope to woo her over.Setting the story in the gym replicates themeaning of challenge and accomplishinggoals; as to what the boys do in order toimpress her. 4. The relationships between the characters situated inthe story are known as a love triangle; where the 2teenager boys are attracted to the same girl, in whichthey attend to impress.This picture represents the meaning of challengewhen the boys compete against each other throughphysical strength. This particular shot of the eyes ata close range would be used, but in a moreexaggerated way to make the story appear comicalinstead of serious as to present the beginning of thecompetition.