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Are you looking for building your brand/business on Twitter? Are you spending more than the time required to boost your business on Twitter? Here are some Twitter Tools to boost your business.


  • 1. Free Twitter Tools for Business -Ashwani Dadhich

2. Tweet Stats- Provides graphical reports which are mainly focused on the timing of tweets but also provides some additional information related to content. 3. (Alternative of Twitnomy) Provides other useful statistics- Overall profile information for the person Topics: Find out what the general topics your competitor talks about Hashtags: The most popular hashtags used by the user. Mentions: A list of user profiles the user has interacted with. You can click on each profile and view details of this person. Tweet analysis for the last 100 tweets 4. Follower Wonk: Provides a lot of detailed reports on Twitter users: Twitter search to find relevant people to follow Detailed reports comparing multiple twitter users. 5. Twitnomy- Gives comprehensive twitter analytics tool that can be used to analyze your account or your competitors like hashtag used and most popular content etc. 6. Twitaholic Directory of Twitter users, based on this directory it provides some overview information. for example Im number 19 in terms of most followers in Dublin and I can see who else is on the list. These could be a good source of people to follow. 7. Manage filter Manage Filter helps you make the most out of your Twitter flock. This tool shows you lists of Twitter users who are inactive, who have unfollowed you, who are not following you back and more. A great tool to help you make the most of your connections. 8. Tweriod: Analyze the followers of your brand page and determine a schedule of which is the best time to tweet. 9. Twellow: This Twitter tool offers an easy way to track and follow influential users within a specific niche or field. Twellow categorizes each list according to different niches. For instance, you can locate the most influential tweeters under the topic of your industry. 10. Twitter counter: Gives comprehensive stats on all important Twitter activities, including number of followers, numbers following, and number of tweets. 11. Twitlonger: With Twitlonger you dont need to worry about a few extra letters as it posts your content for you and doesnt cut out the true meaning of the content. 12. Social mention: Allows you to type in your company/brand name or keyword/hashtags and find out what they are talking about your brand. You can create a social alert which is like Google alerts but for social media mentions. 13. Tweet adder- A way to build your network is to target your content specifically to those who would be interested in following your brand and make it really valuable. 14. Topsy- Lets you search through twitter and find information such as what were the most popular tweets containing keywords in the last day, week, month or all time. This is useful to see how popular particular topics are! 15. Group Tweet- Allow any number of contributors to Tweet from a group account safely and securely. 16. THANK - YOU