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Social Media Tools and Ideas for Creatives

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How to use social media to tell your creative story. A presentation created for the Dallas Society of Visual Communications, the nation's oldest art director's club. By @mommyswishlist and @elysa

Text of Social Media Tools and Ideas for Creatives

  • 1.#dsvc @elysa @mommyswishlist

2. We are artists. 3. Artists are storytellers. 4. So tell your story. ? #dsvc PINTEREST ARTFIRE FACEBOOK STUMBLEUPON TWITTER YOUTUBE FLICKR ETSY BLOGGER TUMBLR GOOGLE+ VIMEO INSTAGRAM EMAIL LINKEDIN 5. Why should I? #dsvc 6. Validation. Find your tribe. Feedback. Potential customers. Potential employers. Learning. Conversation. Connection. #dsvc 7. #dsvc How? 8. I make this art. Heres what I think about art. You can buy this art. Heres a story that inspires me. #dsvc A BLOG OR SITE 9. I like that art. @Friend, your art is cool. Hey yall, come to my art show {Facebook Event} I chat with my {Facebook Group of Fellow Artists} #dsvc FACEBOOK 10. You should read this article about art. I am experiencing #art right now. Hey @Friend what do you think of this art? I join the weekly #ArtistChat #dsvc TWITTER 11. I collected this typography for a project. ese #Pantone colors are my favorite. Kids illustration ideas to save. #dsvc PINTEREST 12. I am good at art. ese people hired me to do art. You should hire me to do art. #dsvc LINKED IN 13. I see everything as art. Heres some artwork-in-progress. Heres a behind-the-scenes shot at this event. Also, I dress up my dog as famous artists. #dsvc INSTAGRAM 14. Heres a video of me making art. Ive made a tutorial for a technique. ese are clips of me being featured on the news. #dsvc YOUTUBE 15. is short film recaps my art project. is short film IS my art project. Here is my reel. I am an art director. #dsvc VIMEO 16. Use creative tools to help you tell your story. #dsvc 17. Use organizing tools to eciently tell your story. #dsvc 18. Talk to people you know in real life. #dsvc @williebaronet @sofrantastic @ramsey_ruelas @silastom @cscstudio @meganvangroll @scpictures @smclick @[email protected] @maaronjo @kelly_allen___ @kristenatwell @cameronclement @nikatafarroji @garrettowen @everettguess @corybsimon @theodeecompany @_joannatang @banabie @erichovng @wander_lustr @pointforward_ @dsicle @krackenberger @isigzz @commercehouse @tmantx @warholreject @robbywells @karenrosemary 19. Talk to people you dont know in real life. #dsvc @redheadwriting @alanshapiro515 @typografi @obeygiant @bastny @hawthornephoto @leequinones @faileart @[email protected] @theinternationaliam @jimbogodwin @kevincyrstudio @henrychalfant @animalnewyork @houseindustries @jasoneatherly @corybsimon @frankkozik @andyrementer @kinseyvisual @robbysphotos @ernestoyerena @benfrostisdead @1xrun @that_field @heykatieevans @jonflaming @digimatized 20. Ideas #dsvc 21. Build a virtual gallery to show your work. Wix DeviantArt Squarespace Behance Blogger Wordpress Tumblr #dsvc 22. Invite people to your art events. Facebook Post Facebook Event Twitter LinkedIn Email Google+ #dsvc 23. Teach others how to do what you know. YouTube Vimeo Instagram Video Vine Blog Post Google+ Hangout #dsvc 24. Show work in progress. Instagram Blog Post Facebook #dsvc 25. Research topics of interest. Twitter Pinterest Tumblr #dsvc 26. Make money doing what you love. Amazon Etsy Artfire Behance BigCartel e BlkDot CafePress #dsvc 27. Find your next job. Twitter LinkedIn #dsvc 28. Show us your art. Share your stories with #dsvc