Tweet, tweet: How live-tweeting events can build buzz and create community

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Tweet, tweet How live-tweeting events can build buzz and create community

Rachel Coker (@rmcoker)Director of Research AdvancementBinghamton UniversityHow live-tweeting events canbuild buzz and create communityTweet, tweet

Todays agendaWhat is live-tweeting?Why would I want to live-tweet an event?What tools do I need to do it?How can I make it easier and more effective?How do I measure the results?What is live-tweeting, anyway?Heres how Twitter once defined it:(v.): to engage on Twitter for a continuous periodof time anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours with a

sequence of focused tweets. The focus can be a big live event that everybodys paying attention to (e.g. a TV show or an award show) or it can be an event you create yourself (e.g. a Q&A session with your fans).

Why consider live-tweeting?Share the excitement with people who couldnt attend in personFoster community among participantsGive a look behind the scenes of the event Attract media attentionBuild an audience for your institutionDrive attendance at future events

A few selfish reasons to live-tweetNetworkingExtend your influence (in real life and by gaining followers)Heighten your attentionKeep a record of great ideas

What kinds of events would work?HomecomingAthletic eventsCommencementConcerts and festivalsQ&A with your president or a famous alumnus

What tools do I need?A smart phone, tablet or laptopA reliable Internet connectionBackup power A smart phone or camera

@Nancy_Groves suggests sitting near an outlet! How do I prepare?

Seek buy-in from event organizersCreate and publicize a hashtag for the eventMake a list of the key players Twitter handlesScript some tweets aheadof timeDecide how frequentlyyoull tweetConsider how youll respond to complaints/requestsfor helpRead someone elses live-tweets to see how things unfolded for themWhat should I say?Start with the basicsOffer play-by-playAdd color commentaryShare photos and videosAsk questionsBoost value with additional resourcesRemember your audience

As @Sree says, if youre good in real life, you can be great on Twitter!

The usual rules applyThink before you tweetSpelling counts Double check that youre mentioning the right accountsBe sure youre tweetingfrom the right accountMost people will miss most of your postsDont start a tweet with another users handleShoot for 100-120 characters so other users can easily retweet

Listen, too!Remember that social media is interactive Retweets (RT) and modified tweets (MT) will help you amplify others good/pithy/funny commentsReply as appropriate to people with questions or criticism

How can I live-tweet more easily?Use multiple screens (or a browser with several tabs)Set up a Twitter client such as HootSuite or TweetDeckSchedule tweets in advance with a Twitter client or a service like Buffer

How do I measure the results?Set goals (for followers, RTs, clicks, etc.) before the eventTake advantage of Twitters built-in analytics by visiting Use (or another link-shortening service that tracks clicks)Check Klout to see if your Twitter handles influence is risingor fallingSee how your hashtag performed with a service such as Tweetreach

OK. Im in!You may find these resources helpful as you get started:How-tos:How I Gained 68,000 Followers by Live-TweetingHow to live tweet an event: 7 best practicesMark Luckies Top 5 Twitter Tips & TricksEspecially for conference-goers:The Art of Live TweetingTen Tips for Tweeting at ConferencesFor the really ambitious:Live-tweeting my own talk

Thank you!Rachel Coker / @rmcokerDirector of Research AdvancementBinghamton University