Vital Statistics Every Mobile SEO Marketer Should Know

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<ul><li><p>Vital Statistics Every Mobile SEO Marketer Should Know</p><p>Mobile marketing has fast gained importance as the Smartphones market witnessed anupsurge due to the increased interests of people in using mobile devices for internet.Understanding vital mobile website optimization techniques and statistics is thus alsoextremely crucial to every mobile marketer's success in the undertaken campaigns. </p><p>Analyzing such vital statistics would give you a fair idea of how mobile consumers behaveand what are their purchase-related preferences. Consider for example the graph below fornumber of global mobile users over the past years. As a mobile marketer, you need to remainabreast of all such statistics to ensure that your marketing endeavors are successful. </p><p>Crucial Mobile SEO Statistics At a Glance</p><p> 37% customers are more likely to make a purchase from a mobile-optimized website.</p><p> 27% customers would leave a site on discovering that it is not mobile optimized</p><p> 54% customers consider it easier to find information of their choice on a mobileoptimized site</p><p> 24% customers viewing a mobile ad will also look for the company online</p><p> 44% consumers prefer brands to deliver coupons &amp; deals to their mobile devices</p><p> 61% organizations have either made a mobile site or optimized their exsiting site formobile devices.</p><p> An 80% increase has been witnessed in the number of e-mails opened on mobiledevices</p><p> 47% marketing companies are planning to increase their efforts in the mobile domainin the coming 5 years</p><p> By 2016, the revenue from global mobile advertising will go up 3.5 times of the current</p></li><li><p>figures</p><p>More Statistical Aspects Related to Mobile SEO</p><p>How mobile users research products and review sites is a mammoth question that can beanswered by analyzing a consumers mobile path to purchase. For mobile research, a keyfinding serves as the initiating point. Analyzing the search pattern being followed, it can beseen that 48% searches start on search engines, 33% on branded websites while 26% starton branded apps. Following picture will clarify this fact in more detail. </p><p>Also, during a day, users may prefer different mobile devices at different points of time. Itlargely depends on their daily schedule and must be considered for knowing their usagepattern. Though PCs may dominate working hours, mobiles &amp; tablets are used more duringnight as shown in figure below.</p></li><li><p>Hopefully, above mentioned vital statistics would be helpful for every mobile SEO marketer todrive better results for their marketing campaigns. </p></li></ul>