10 Reasons Why Outsourcing Fails

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>WhyOutsourcingFails?</p> <p>10 Outsourcing Mistakes You Need To Avoid</p> <p>Assuming that Once You Outsource You Wont Need Managers.</p> <p>Mistake #1</p> <p>Mistake #1Dont imagine that outsourced workers will manage your business. Hire managers to take care of your business.</p> <p>Due To Internet, Workers Can Be Anywhere In The World</p> <p>Mistake #2</p> <p>Outsourcing Anything &amp; Everything</p> <p>Mistake #3</p> <p>Assuming That Fixed Price Is The Best Route</p> <p>Mistake #4</p> <p>Mistake #5</p> <p>Assuming Fair Compensation is the Lowest Price Negotiable</p> <p>Mistake #6 Expecting All Workers To Adapt To Your Culture</p> <p>Mistake #7</p> <p>Assuming Existing Staff Will Manage the Outsourcing Process</p> <p>Mistake #8Assuming Your IT Budget Will Reduce</p> <p>Mistake #9Thinking that Personal Growth of Virtual Employees is None of Your Concern</p> <p>Mistake #10Outsourcing Only The Stuff You Dont Understand</p> <p>No More Outsourcing Mistakes.</p> <p>Want To Enjoy A Flawless Outsourcing Experience?</p> <p>Log On To http://ekipa.co and Post Your Project!</p> <p>Its As Simple As That!</p> <p>Go To http://readwrite.com/2015/08/20/how-to-run-remote-distributed-teams To Know About Effective Remote Team Management</p>