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  • A free data recovery software for

    Windows 7 MiniTool Power Data

    Recovery Along with the increasing amount of Windows 7 users, how to recover lost data on

    Windows 7 becomes an annoying problem. Before Windows 7 was released, free data

    recovery software was able to help users in data recovery easily if users were going to

    recover lost data. But after Windows 7 is used, data recovery on Windows 7 is not so easy,

    for most of the data recovery software in the software market can not operate in Windows

    7. Fortunately, exceptions always exist. After painstaking research on Windows 7, the

    celebrated software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. has finally developed

    the free data recovery software for Windows 7 MiniTool Power Data Recovery, with

    which we can recover lost data free on Windows 7.

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    Free data recovery software for Windows 7, recovering deleted data

    Before recovering lost data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, please visit the official

    websitehttp://www.powerdatarecovery.com to download the free Windows 7 data recovery

    software and then install it to the computer. After that, launch MiniTool Power Data

    Recovery and we'll see the following interface.


  • The above screenshot is about the starting interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery,

    from which we can see this Windows 7 data recovery software is composed of five data

    recovery modules. And users are supposed to select corresponding modules to recover

    lost data. For example, if users want to recover deleted data, "Undelete Recovery"

    module should be used. Click the module and we'll see the following interface.


  • In this interface, all disk partitions are shown. Please select the one where the deleted

    data were and click "Recover" to scan it. Then the following interface will be shown.


  • All deleted data in the selected partition are shown. Please check the ones that will be

    recovered and click "Save Files" to save them to a safe location according to software

    prompts. Through so simple operations, we have realized recovering lost data on

    Windows 7 with the free data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

    Seeing the above demonstration, you may have got a basic understanding of MiniTool

    Power Data Recovery. However, recovering deleted data is only one of the functions of

    this free data recovery software for Windows 7. If you want to get detailed information

    about other modules, please visit the official websiteof this free data recovery software.