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  • Card recovery software - MiniTool

    Power Data Recovery User may somehow lose important data while utilizing memory card as storage device.

    Actually, memory card can be referred to as a removable partition, and user could search

    and recover lost data from whatever deleted, damaged or formatted via data recovery


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    What is data recovery?

    Data recovery refers to the process of recovering lost data from storage devices due to

    numerous causes. As long as the storage medium is not severely damaged, user is able

    to successfully recover lost data though data is deleted or hard disk crashes.

    In circumstance accidental formatting or deletion leads to data loss and most data is free

    from damaged, those data is rereadable by employing data recovery software to recover

    connecting links. If hard disk is inaccessible due to hardware damage, data is also

    recoverable by renewing hardware. Additionally, data recovery software can equally

    recover lost data when storage medium is severely damaged or data is overwritten.

    How to select data recovery software?

    There exists numerous data recovery software with diver features. Some directs at certain

    data loss circumstance, such as, NTFS partition data recovery, damaged partition data

    recovery, lost data recovery. To sum up, this sort of data recovery software is too limited to

    meet demands of the majority of users. Therefore, to select an all-in-one data recovery

    software is recommended.

    Here, I would like to recommend user MiniTool Power Data Recovery - a powerful data

    recovery software newly released by MiniTool Solution Ltd.. As an all-in-one data recovery

    software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery possesses powerful function, easy operation,

    fresh interface and small size and supportsWindows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003,

    Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2008 operating systems and partition formats such

    as NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32. To download this totally free data recovery software,

    please go to MiniTool Power Data Recovery Download Center.

    How to perform card recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery?

  • After running MiniTool Power Data Recovery User would see five modules, if sliding

    mouse onto each module, corresponding descriptions for each module would emerge in

    the red zone below.

    To recover lost data from memory card, user should choose "Damaged Partition


  • Now every partition is listed automatically and twos buttons on the right are available:

    "Open" button is to research and recover deleted data in circumstance that partition

    functions well; and "Full Scan" is designed to recover data when partition is formatted or

    damaged. Now we should choose memory card partition F: and click "Full Scan" to enter

    next step.

  • Now MiniTool Power Data Recovery has scanned many partition files, select the desired

    partition and click "Show Files".

  • Here, MiniTool Power Data Recovery has searched all data in memory card, user should

    choose desired files at will and click "Save Files".

  • Now a window would popup for user to select location to save files. After that, please click

    "OK" to finish data recovery. How do you think of MiniTool Power Data Recovery now, this

    is merely a small function. For more information and functions, please go to MiniTool

    Power Data Recovery Download Center.