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  • CD data recovery software -

    MiniTool Power Data Recovery When using computer, user always involves CD, for instance, CD should be utilized as

    reinstalling system. For some, CD would server as a medium to store important data.

    Naturally, those important data would somehow lose due to various caused. How could

    user recover those data?

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    What is CD?

    CD is a carrier based on optical information for data storage, including inerasable CD like

    CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc and erasable CD such as CD-RW, DVD-RAM, etc.

    Differing from magnetic carrier, CD is optical storage mediums developed in modern time

    by employing focal hydrion laser beam to record and renew information, which is also

    called laser disc.

    Thanks to the small volume of floppy disk, CD is widely user for its large capacity. The CD

    we listen, DVD, VCD we see are categories of CD Nowadays, the volume of hard disk is

    between 3GB to 3TB, floppy disk borders on phased out, the maximum volume of CD is

    approximately 700MB and 4.7 GB for DVD single side with maximum volume of 4.95G

    (because 1G equals to 1000MB for DVD while 1024MB for 1G hard disk). However, BD

    possesses bigger volume with 15GB for monolayer single side and 25GB for bilayer single


    How to recover lost data from CD?

    Actually, recovering CD is, fundamentally, to firstly perform full scan to CD and then

    recover lost data. Some data on CD can not be displayed or utilized normally, user should

    recover at first then use them. To recover lost data from CD, user needs a powerful data

    recovery software, for example MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Developed by MiniTool

    Solution Ltd. with powerful functions and easy-to-use operations, MiniTool Power Data

    Recovery supports CD-R, CD-RW, damaged DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD+R, burned

    DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, and HD-DVD-R, HD-DVD-RW, BD-R, BD-RE CD. Furthermore,

    MiniTool Solution Ltd. is a totally free data recovery software with omnipotent competence

    scarcely seen on market.

    User should download MiniTool Solution Ltd at MiniTool Power Data Recovery Download


  • After running MiniTool Power Data Recovery, user would see five modules in the

    main interface:

    Undelete Recovery

    This module is to recover deleted data, for example, the deleted data is usually

    stored in recycle bin, in case recycle bin is emptied, user should adopt this module

    to recover lost data.

    Damaged Partition Recovery

    This module could perform full scan to partition. In case partition is formatted, or

    system is reinstalled, user should employ this module to recover lost data.

    Lost Partition Recovery

    This module is to recover lost partition, such as deleted partition or crashed partition.

    Digital Media Recovery

    This module is to perform digital media recovery, mainly directing at video or audio

    data, such as JPG, GIF, PNG, MP3, WMA, MP4, AVI and ASF, etc.

  • CD/DVD Disk

    This module is to recover lost data from CD/DVD.

    When moving mouse onto each module, corresponding description would emerge in the

    red zone below. Here we select "CD/DVD Recovery".

    Now user could see the CD scanned by MiniTool Power Data Recovery. There exist two

    buttons on the right: "Open" button is to research and recover deleted data in

    circumstance that CD is not damaged; and "Full Scan" is designed to recover data when

    CD data is lost or CD is damaged. Now we click "Full Scan" to enter next step.

  • Now user could see the searched data on CD, please check those files to be recovered

    and click "Save Files".

  • Lastly, user should merely choose a location to store recovered data and click "OK", thus

    data recovery is finished.

    After above demonstration, user should be interested in MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

    For more information, please go to the official website MiniTool Power Data Recovery

    Download Center.


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